Membership Benefits

Start engaging now with other members of the water industry. Keep up to date with the latest news, events and trends. Get access to event discounts, industry policies and information, and publications in our online bookstore.

Electronic Newsletter

Pipeline is our fortnightly newsletter covering water news, training, events and more delivered directly to your inbox.

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Glossy Publication

WATER is a glossy magazine, published five times per year. It covers all aspects of the water industry in New Zealand.

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Industry Networking

Networking opportunities through our member groups, industry conferences, regional meetings and interaction with veteran practitioners.

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Event Discounts

Major discounts on the largest water management event held annually, and access to a list of other events near you.

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Online Library

Browse and download from our database of water-related information, resources, journals and books.

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Voting and Board Rights

The Water New Zealand Board comprises six members elected by financial members of the Association. Elections are held annually and members are elected for three-year terms.

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Additional Corporate Benefits

Special advertising rates, trade expo discounts, heavily discounted membership for additional members.

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International Water Association

10% discount on IWA membership, which includes a range of entitlements such as Water21, IWA's bi-monthly magazine.

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Choose your membership

Corporate Member

A Corporate Member is any corporation, company or organisation trading, practising or with an interest in the field of Water New Zealand's objectives, from local authorities to consultants to SOE's.

$690.00 + GST per year

Corporate Additional Member

A Corporate member (the company) may purchase unlimited Corporate Additional Memberships at a discounted rate. Each Corporate Additional Member is entitled to the same rights as an Individual Member.

$135.00 + GST per year

Individual Member

For those individuals who have an involvement or interest in water, wastes and the environment. Individual Members get all the benefits as outlined above, from the WATER and Pipeline publications, to voting rights.

$170.00 + GST per year

Young Water Professional Member

Water New Zealand offers complimentary membership for young water professionals and full-time tertiary students. These members will receive the fortnightly e-newsletter Pipeline, access to the publications database, access to Water, regular invitations to regional events and networking opportunities.


* Please note overseas members do not incur GST, however $60 per annum will be charged to cover postage costs.

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