National Performance Review

The National Performance Review provides a benchmarking tool for local authorities and other organisations providing public drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services. Water New Zealand has undertaken this review since 2007 and it provides annual and trending information since then. Correspondence regarding the review can be directed to




2015/2016 External audit report

Interactive performance metrics

2015/2016 customer response times

2014/15-15/16 dry weather wastewater overflows

2014/15-15/16 residential water efficiency

2015/16 water loss

2015/16 Residential Charges

International benchmarks

Data from the review is included in the The International Benchmarking Network for Water and Sanitation Utilities (IBNET) database. This enables international comparisons of some performance indicators which can be accessed here.

Indicators in the national performance review do not always match IBNET indicators exactly. An FAQ sheet outlining the assumptions that have been used to map National Performance Review Indicators with IBNET can be accessed here.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Inventory

The National Performance Review is used to provide New Zealand’s only collated source of data on wastewater treatment plants. Geo-spatial and raw data for 252 Waste-water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) contained in the inventory can be accessed here.

Previous Years Reports

2014/2015 National Performance Review Report

2013/2014 National Performance Review Report

2012/2013 National Performance Review Report

2011/2012 National Performance Review Report

2010/2011 National Performance Review Report

2009/2010 National Performance Review Report

2008/2009 National Performance Review Report

2007/2008 Pilot National Performance Review Report

Workshop resources

Improving customer data collection for DIA Non-financial Performance Measure Rules reporting was identified as a common improvement opportunity in 2013/14. Presentation material and a summary of discussions from the webinar are available here.