Water July/August 2018


Presidents Comment - Preparing for reform Dukessa Blackburn-Huettner
60 years of damned water Water New Zealand
Water stabilisation pond management Water New Zealand
Rising to the challenge - Stormwater 2018 Alan Titchall
Green stormwater concepts Alan Titchall
Stormwater 2018 Paper of the Year - Continuous Simulation Modelling to Support Healthy

Jahangir Islam (AECOM), Josh Irvine (WSP Opus), Nick Brown and Nadia Nitsche (both from Auckland Council)

Water Summit 2018 Water New Zealand
Solving our Lake Snot mystery Denise McNabb
Mariner Rise - GI case study Boffa Miskell
Profile - Mountains to the Sea charitable trust Mary Searle Bell
Veteran Profile - Mike Bourke Mary Searl Bell
Legal - Water Quality Helen Atkins, Nicole Buxedam Rowan Ashton
Innovation - Water purification breakthrough Water New Zealand
Improved oxidation of wastewater treatment Sarah Nightingale
Global drivers and local response in biosolids reuse Nathan Clarke, Becky MacDonald, Beca
Plastic manhole innovation saves dollars and makes a lot of sense Steve McDonald
LittaTrap meets North Maerica treatment standards Mike Hannah
Tackling wastewater emissions Lesley Smith
Follow those Bats Theresa Laverty

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