New Zealand Industry Standard and Templates for Field Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices and Verification of Air Gaps

This industry standard was developed as a replacement for AS 2845 Water supply – backflow prevention devices, Part 2 Registered air gaps and registered break tanks and Part 3 Field testing and maintenance of testable devices. It is more suitable for use in New Zealand as it reflects the regulatory environment and the procedures currently in use.

This document covers the testing of backflow prevention devices and verification of air gaps. In relation to maintenance, repairs should be undertaken immediately a device is known to have failed. During repairs the same level of protection must be maintained or the affected section water supply system shut down.

Repairs to devices that are covered under the Building Act should be carried out only by persons licensed or authorized under the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act. Repairs to devices that are covered under the Health Act should be carried out only by persons authorized by the water supply authority.

The procedures in this document for testing backflow prevention devices will help ensure uniformity of practice and reliability of testing and so will provide improved protection of public health from potential contamination of water supplies through cross-connections and backflow.

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NZ Industry Standard - Backflow Device Testing - 2019 - Final.pdf