Annual Conference 2016 - Papers

Annual Conference

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

9.45am Opening Keynote: Water & Wastewater Sustainability with a Corporate View
Paul Bowen, President of the Water Environment Federation (WEF) & Coca Cola Global Director of Sustainability

Thought Leadership

Young Professionals Showcase

Health and Safety

Digital Water & Modelling

ASTT (Trenchless Technology)



Politics, Funding, Quality and Service: Squaring the Circle in 3 Waters Delivery
Malcolm Alexander, Local Government New Zealand

This workshop will inform, encourage and motivate future leaders. Facilitated by the Water New Zealand’s Young Water Professionals Specialist Network the program consists of an introduction by Richard Gamstrup, interactive workshop and networking opportunities. If You See $iD … Tell Him! Holger Zipfel
Keynote: Water Information – A Thirst for Insight, Igniting InnovationGraham Hawke, Bureau of Metrology
Latest Developments Increase the Capabilities of Spiral Wound Liners John Monro

Hastings Wastewater Outfall System – Maximum Life vs. Minimum SpendWayne Hodson


What SOLGM found in the 2015 Infrastructure Strategies

Raymond Horan, Society of Local Government Managers

A Seismic Shift in Design – Embedding Safety, Resilience and Value into Post-Earthquake Designs Ian Macbeth

Inflow and Infiltration Assessments – Easy to Get It Wrong Jan Heijs

Design of Continuous Filament Wound GRP Pipe for use in Micro-Tunnelling Applications Mark Robinson

Risk vs. Cost - Protecting Hutt City Council's Vital Wastewater River CrossingGrant Shearer


The Auditor-General’s Response to Critical Water Issues
Greg Schollum, Office of the Auditor General

Health and Safety - From Paperwork to Practice Becky Macdonald

The Importance of Maintaining ‘Live’ Strategic Wastewater Planning Models – A 3rd Generation ModelRichard Pullar

Optimising Trenchless Technology Procurement Blair Telfer

Wastewater Outfalls – International Perspectives Relative to New ZealandJim Bradley

Thought Leadership General Water Treatment

Asset Management

Digital Water

Natural Environment / Resource Management


14:00 Future Water Security and Alternative Financing Models for Water Infrastructure – An Australian Perspective

Jonathan McKeown, Australian Water Association

Hamilton's Low River Contingency – Keeping the Flow When the River Goes Low Andrew Parsons

Earthquake Effects on the Kaiapoi to Rangiora PVC-U Pressure Pipelines John Black

Scada & Cyberspace - How Safe Are We? Jim Shaw

Developments in Survey Technology and Its Application to Freshwater Environments Declan Stubbing & James Van Der Pauw

Low Cost Sustainable Pathogen Removal in WastewaterLouise Weaver

14:30 The National Policy Statement For Freshwater Management and the 3 Waters Sector Fiona Myles Reworking the Old to Provide the New - The Richmond Water Treatment Plant Jonathan Krause Boundary Backflow Code of Practice : Pathway to Excellence Kevin Healy

Automate As - Built Processing – It’s About Time! Scott Ferguson

First Flush TSS and Heavy Metals from Urban Carparks Under a Low Intensity Rainfall Climate Salina Poudyal

Enhancing the Microbial Removal of Organic Micropollutants in Wastewater Treatment Processes Octavio Perez-Garcia & Amrita Bains

15:00 The Waikato CCO Journey

David Hall, Tim Harty & Blair Bowcott

Costs and Benefits of Drinking-Water Fluoridation Andrew Watson & Matt Poynton

National WINZ Database Project Update

Tracy Clode & Scott Rostron

Asset Data Visualisation Helen Ramsey

Characterisation of Natural Organic Matter (Nom) in Litter Leachate From Drinking Water Catchments Dana Gardner

Nitrous Oxide and Microbial Speciation: A Metagenomic Survey of New Zealand Wastewater Treatment Plants Cody Mankelow

Thought Leadership

Asset Management

Water Service Management

Digital Water

General Water Treatment


16:00 Working with Communities to Deliver Large Pipeline Construction Projects

David Moore, Watercare

Sustainable Engineering - Lowering Our Carbon Footprint Andrew Springer

Maximising Revenue for Meter Replacement Strategies Jivir Viyakesparan Implementation of Intelligent Water Network Solutions – Experiences from Australia Eric Skowron Using Coatings to Improve the Performance of Membrane-Based Water Treatment Systems Gohar Gholamibozanjani Coral Beach Sand as Engineered Sand Filter in Septic Tank Effluent Drainage Fields in KiribatiBronwyn Humphries
16:30 Te Auaunga Awa: A Flood Management Project Led by the Community, and Guided by Social Outcomes

Mark Lewis, Boffa Miskell & Tom Mansell, Auckland Council Healthy Waterways

Investing in People Asset; The Aging Water Industry

Richard Gramstrup, Maria Utting, Fiona Myles & Matt Ewen

How Does New Zealand Embrace and Maximise the Benefits of Product-Based Delivery? Raj Valabh & Mark Enzer

The Future of Water Modelling Dan Stevens & Emily Stevens

Leachate Treatment Using Vibratory Reverse Osmosis Steven Ridgway

Water Quality in Rainwater & Greywater Systems: Preliminary ResultsLee Bint & Alma Siggins

17:00 Solomon Water: A Long Road to Excellence, but You Have to Start Somewhere…

Ian Gooden & Scravin Tongi

GRP Pipe Products for use in Irrigation Projects Mark Robinson

ANSI B31.3? It’s Only a 2 Inch Pipe Iain Rabbitts

Modelling the Performance of Water Treatment Plants Using Artificial Neural Networks – A Literature Review Ivan Ottenheijm

Blending and Slow Sand Filtration at Little River WTP Mike Yarrall & Mike Bourke

IWA/Science AGM

Thursday, 20 October 2016

8.30am Thursday Keynote: Ed Timings, Motivation Guru
Dynamic Presentation on Health and Well-being

9.15am Thursday Keynote: Raveen Jaduram, Watercare
Observations of the Water Indsutry

Thought Leadership Water Services Managers Water Service Management Asset Management ASTT (Trenchless Technology) Wastewater Treatment



Why We Need Standard Metadata and Consistent Operational Performance MeasuresBruce Robertson, Morrison Low & Luke Meys, Opus

The Winding Journey in Getting A Resource Consent

Coral-Lee Ertel

AC Pipe Breaks

Dylan Stjuit

Failing the Drinking-Water Standards - Insights from the Annual Survey Chris Nokes
Watercare's Comprehensive Wastewater Network Discharge Permit – Wastewater Network Strategy Nicola Haszard
The Eastern Interceptor Project: Rehabilitating a Large Critical Wastewater Asset in Operational Service Oliver Smith
Upgrading Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Reviewing the Options Hugh Ratsey
Trying to Save Costs? Use Concrete Canvas and 'Just Add Water'.
11:00 Suez Perspective on Water Utility Development Trends

David Lamy, Water CEO Suez Australia and NZ

Facilitating the Collection of Field based Asset Information
Barry Sarjeant

Project Shotover

Lane Vermaas

Post Disaster Operating and Renewal Costs - An Untold StoryMark Christison

Making Better Decisions: Calculating the Benefits of Stormwater InfrastructureDavid Cobby

Dg43b - A Pain in the Asset Jeremy Boxall &Hugh Blake-Manson

Case Study of ACTi-Mag and How it Can Improve Biogas Quality on an Anaerobic Cogeneration Planet Michael Romer Crumble Manhole Pie Meets its Match

Waikato Regional Council Water

Tracey May, Waikato Regional Council

Early Detection - What Does It Provide
Su Young Ko

Human Contact With Recreational or Drinking Water – What Do We Know? Peter Cressey

Wellington Region Reservoir Seismic Upgrade StandardsKeith Woolley

Improving Resilience Through Innovative Watermain & Drainage Rehabilitation TechniquesLeigh John

Developing a Composite Storage Tank; For Water and Waste Treatment Shane Carter

SBR Retrofit After Midwinter Liner Rupture Craig Mountfort

12:00 Hon Nick Smith, Minister for the Environment

“Spanning The Mighty Waikato River” – Wastewater Pipe Bridge Upgrade

Robin Walker/Bilyana Podrumac

Scada’s Role in Getting the Drinking Water Standards There!Jan Le Roux

Evaluating the Effects on the Tamar River From Discharges From the Launceston Combined Drainage SystemKirsty Johns

A Holistic Approach to Condition Assessment of Pressure Water Mains David Brady

Don't Poo Poo That Simple Pond System! Derrick Railton

ICT Shared Services Across the Wellington Region - Learnings from a Water Management Services Organisation Alistair Vickers

Thought Leadership Biosolids Customer Service Workshop
Chair: Kelvin Hill
Asset Management Growth Wastewater Treatment Operations
13:30 Water Management – Are We an Ocean or Multitude of Drops?

Jo Bryan, Wellington Water

Sustainable Development: How Do We Measure It? Part 2 - Focussing on the Cultural Pillar Julia Lovrich
Two case studies in customer service from two difference organisation followed by a forum on the customer experience
Opportunities For Renewable Energy in the New Zealand Water SectorHarshal Patel
Urban Intensification - The Wastewater Implications Brayden Barnett
Community Engagement and Technical Collaboration Leads to a Greatly Improved Wastewater Service for Whangarei Steve Couper & Andrew Carvell

Challenges and Innovations in Dairy Factory Wastewater Treatment Jess Daly & Bram Beuger

14:00 So Much Happening with Legislation and Reforms in Our Water Sector: Will it Achieve Excellence?Jim Bradley, MWH
Optimising Sludge Dewatering - Benefits From Shared Water Services Steve Hutchison

Putting the Customer First in a Technical EnvironmentTim Harty

The Challenges of Designing Wet Services in the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park Michelle Knappstein & Costas Chryssafis

A Successful Long Term Strategy For Wastewater Infrastructure Planning and Consenting Sarah Sunich

High Voltage Infrastructure Replacements in the New Zealand Water Sector Kevin Friesen

TCC: Improving the Management of Three Waters Networks Ryan MacVeigh

14:30 Rights and Interests in Water: How Might Government Decisions Affect Water Suppliers?Jim Graham, Opus
Bioremoval of Nutrients, Organic Carbon and Pharmaceuticals Using Aerobic Granulation Camila Mery

Customer Service Workshop Mathew Telfer

The Orewa West Wastewater Project: An Innovative and Cost Effective SolutionPieter de Klerk & Chris Wium

Pathways to Water Resource Sustainability Using Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Michael Goff

Timaru Wastewater Ponds and Wetlands – Balancing the Costs and Benefits Graeme Jenner & Humphrey Archer

Intelligent Water Networks – The Emergence of Operational Modelling and Real Time Decision Support Tools Patrick Bonk

Thought Leadership Water Treatment Environmental Solutions Asset Management Water New Zealand Projects Update Wastewater Treatment


15:30 We Can’t Improve Water Quality Everywhere, or Can We?

Sharon Dines, Boffa Miskell

Wanaka Drinking Water ACTIFLO Trial - Algae Removal in Oligotrophic Lake Water Jekabs Rozitis
Uncovering the Influence of Climate on Water Demands Christine McCormack
Transforming Victoria Street – Working Together to Tackle Utility Design and Urban Complexity Paul Clune
Biosolids Project Update

Nick Walmsley

Design Build Operate – The Mangawhai Community Wastewater Scheme – Lessons Learnt Robin Johnson

Water in 2067 - What it May Look Like? Ian Ho and Simon Warren

16:00 International Moves on Accuracy Testing of Flood Models

Alastair Barnett, HYDRA Software Ltd

Changing Horses Midstream: The Dollars and Sense of the Waiohine WTP Upgrade Jim Graham
Are Rainwater Tanks a Viable Water Supply Option For Auckland? Roseline Klein
Clean Water for All - Overcoming Adversity to Satisfy Customers and Return a Profit William Oldham
Pipe Inspection Manual Update

Steve Apeldoorn

Controlling Midge Nuisance at Mangere - 10 Years of Operational Experience Christopher Garton

Procurement Strategies – One Size Fits All? Anita Simpson

16:30 Smart Infrastructure and the Water Sector

Mark Enzer, Mott MacDonald

Balance Tank Bypass Pumping System at the Richmond Water Treatment Plant Angus Buxton
Floating Wetlands – Nature Improved – An End User’s Experience Adam Twose & Fiona Pratt
Operational and Strategic Planning For a Dynamic Water Supply System Shailesh Kumar Singh & Geoff Williams
Pipeline Renewals Guideline
Greg Preston
Minimising Nutrient Loss - Where Best to Tweak Jack Feltham

Prisons, Planting and Flood Protection David Hogg

Friday 21 October

9.00am Friday Opening Keynote: Debbie Mayo Smith, Internationally Renowned Speaker on Aspects of Personal Development
Smarter, Faster, Better, Cheaper: Email and Technology Quick Tips

9.45am Friday Speaker: Dr Lester Levy, Chairman of Auckland Transport and the Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards
The Future of Infrastructure

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