Improving Resilience Through Innovative Watermain & Drainage Rehabilitation Techniques

Annual Conference

An introduction to techniques that have been pioneered in Northern America, that are new to not only New Zealand but pretty much the rest of the world. These techniques will improve pipeline resilience, allow assets life to be drastically extended, with considerable reductions in disruption and safety related claims & risks.

The main focus is on water-main pressure pipeline relining / rehabilitation and gives and explanation of the system, its benefits, development, how it is designed and installed. Comparison between traditional methods & pipeline rehabilitation, New Zealand and International case studies & learnings are also reviewed.

The second part of the presentation is on pipeline sleeve repair systems for both pressure and non-pressure applications. These systems provide a full structural repair in all pipe materials and can be installed in live drains, even with severe infiltration. They can work in conjunction with CIPP lining providing a more robust solution. The diameter range that can be repaired is from 100mm to 3150mm including box and irregular shaped pipes & culverts.

Lastly new techniques to rehabilitate manholes and pipelines to prevent Inflow & Infiltration are reviewed and discussed.

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19 Dec 2016