Developing a Composite Storage Tank; for Water and Waste Treatment

Annual Conference

KlipTank NZ plastic tank systems were designed to be easy to install, cost effective and earthquake resilient to meet a niche need for liquid storage in the food industry.

The tank system was made public during the initial period of improved dairy shed effluent (DSE) management, via storage, was being implemented within the dairy sector. DSE storage was a market for KlipTank that has resulted in the development of additional technologies, enabling the tank to form the basis of a range of treatment systems.

This paper outlines the development of a DSE treatment method by aeration and details benefits this has on the discharge environment. How keeping it simple can reduce capital expenditure and how developing one treatment option leads to other options including trickle aeration, dissolved air flocculation (DAF) and anaerobic digestion reactors.

The paper also describes savings gained from recent municipal applications of the plastic tank system and possible applications of technology in smaller Waste Wastewater Treatment Plants.

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11.30 - Shane Carter - Developing A Composite Storage Tank - For Water And Waste Treatment.pdf

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19 Dec 2016