How Does New Zealand Embrace and Maximise the Benefits of Product-Based Delivery?

Annual Conference

Product-based delivery represents a significant shift in thinking in the delivery of Water infrastructure. Championed by the Anglian Water @one Alliance in AMP4 (2005-2010), it is emerging as a common trend throughout the UK water industry. Rather than devising bespoke solutions to individual problems, Product-Based Delivery involves using adaptable, repeatable designs that are developed in close collaboration with the client’s operations staff and the supply chain, and can be used in conjunction with one another in solving a wide spectrum of issues.

This paper will present the reasons why New Zealand should be embracing the use of product-based delivery and will draw on 10 years’ experience gained from working with Anglian Water, Yorkshire Water and United Utilities in developing their Product-based delivery approaches. It will discuss the role that BIM has to play in enabling this new approach and will provide lessons that have been learnt. Finally, it will discuss the enabling factors that exist within the NZ water industry to achieve and exceed quality targets through this approach- 'the pathway to excellence'.

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20 Dec 2016