Stormwater Conference 2016 - Papers

Stormwater Conference

9.30am Welcome and Conference Opening: Rachel Reese, Nelson Mayor
9.45am Keynote Address: Dr Deirdre Hart, University of Canterbury

Redefining Stormwater System Resilience in a Multi-hazard Environment

10.30am Morning Tea
Building Flood Resilient Communities Stormwater Assets Social and Cultural Value of the Environment Operations and Risk Management Planning
11.00am A Tale of Two Towns (a Winter of Discontent)
Brent Manning & Tracey Mitchell

Precast Concrete Manholes - A Review and Upgrade of Current Practice
Husham Issa

Assessing the Net Benefits of Auckland Council Stormwater Projects Using the Mauri Model
Claire Cunningham

Stopbanks Renewal Prioritisation - A Risk Based Approach for Planning Asset RenewalsGhassan Basheer
11.30am A Tidal Barrier to Protect Christchurch? A Controversial PropositionSylvia Maclaren Look I Made a Hat - Effective Use of Detailed Design Documents
Josy Cooper

Sustaining The Native Freshwater Fishery Of Te Tau Ihu: An Iwi Perspective
Alice Andrew

Understanding and Determining the Cost of Long Term Maintenance and Resilience of WSDSue Ira & Andres Roa
12.00pm UK Flooded Again: What Lessons can NZ Learn?
Dr David Cobby & Matt Sheppard

New Zealand’s Newest Port 13 Years On: A Stormwater Review
Mark Poynter & Pamela Kane

Cultural Alliances on SH20A - Incorporating Mana Whenua Aspirations into the Redevelopment of an Accelerated Project
Leon Keefer

Managing an Asset through a Civil Defence Emergency Helen Ramsey
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Keynote Address: Prof Colin Thorne, University of Nottingham

Achieving Urban Flood Resilience: The Blue-Green Advantage

Climate Change Impacts Rainfall Sustaining and Valuing the Environment Catchment and Asset Management Planning
2.00pm Pushing out the Climate Change HorizonMike Law
Rainfall and Runoff Guidelines

John Pfahlert

Evaluating the Viability of Suspended Raingardens for Stormwater TreatmentSuman Khareedi
Commercial Benefits of Water Sensitive Design
Katja Huls & Andrew Chin

2.30pm Planning for Exceedance in a Changing Climate
James Reddish

Using Rain Radar to Estimate the Size of Flood Events
Luke Sutherland-Stacey & Tom Joseph

Optimising Stream Restoration Outcomes When Faced With Competing Design Intents
Dr Emily Afoa

Flood Risk Assessment for a Catchment Spanning Different Districts - a Pilot StudyMark Pennington
3.00pm Afternoon Tea
Catchment and Asset Management Planning Flood Risk Assessment Hydraulic Performance of Drainage Systems Research and Development

Christchurch City Mega Model - Magic or Madness

Tom Parsons & Tim Preston

Flooding and Funding
Kate Purton

Managing the Interface with Natural Systems
Kyle Christensen

Predicting Sediment and Heavy Metal Loads in Stormwater Runoff from Individual SurfacesFrances Charters
4.00pm Evaluating more than Performance – Asset Use and Longevity
Scott Perry

Designing for Floods that Shouldn't Happen
Justin Kirkman

Evaluating the Technical Resilience of Stormwater Systems to Flooding
Nariman Valizadeh

The RSS Model: Flushing out Stormwater Risks
Laurie Gardiner & Jonathan Moores

4.30pm Features of Resilient Rain Garden Media: from Specification to Four Years Post-installation
Robyn Simcock

Two Mile Creek Waihi Beach - Implications Today of a 1930's Decision
Kelvin Hill

Designing Stormwater Treatment Devices - Resilient Considerations and ImplicationsKevin Jonathan
Long-term Performance of Pervious Paving
Dr David Kettle & Steve Crossland

5.00 6.00pm Harker Underground Construction Welcome Function
9.15am Keynote Address: Jim Sinner, Cawthron Institute, Nelson

Challenges in Collaborative Planning

10.00am Morning Tea
Building Flood Resilient Communities Legal, Regulations and Consenting Catchment and Asset Management Planning Rivers and Streams
10.30am When Water Runs Uphill – a Flood Control Scheme Through Groundwater ManagementAdrian Tonks
Stormwater Issues and the Legal Environment

Invited speaker: Helen Atkins

Collaboration - Key for Unlocking Auckland’s Growth?
Nick Brown

River Maintenance Activities to Address Earthquake Damage on the Styx River
Robert Le

11.00am Where to Start? Christchurch's Post-Quake Land Drainage Recovery ProgrammeTom Parsons
Impact of the Limit Setting Process on Stormwater Discharges
Sue Bennett

Resilient Stormwater Futures for Coastal Cities
Liam Foster

Getting all the Multidisciplinary Ducks in a Row – Stream Waterway Design
Amber Murphy & Iain Smith

11.30am Would You Like Freeboard With That?
Ian McComb

Auckland’s Stormwater Management Under the Auckland Unitary Plan
Dr Claudia Hellberg

Flood Hazard Evaluation for Subdivisions in Areas of Coastal Inundation HazardNigel Mark-Brown
Big Outcomes for Little Oneroa Stream - Using a Logic Framework Approach to Meet Challenging Water Quality IssuesJess Wallace
12.00pm Lunch
Developing Catchment Management Plans Flood Risk Assessment Infrastructure Planning and Management Innovation and Treatment
1.00pm Industrial Landuse; the Last Frontier in Catchment Management

Damian Young

Quantifying Economic and Hydraulic Flood RiskAnn Pugh
Developing the Concept of an Active Flood Risk Management System in ChristchurchGareth Taylor
Evaluating the Equivalency of a High Rate Biofiltration BMP to Traditional BiofiltrationMike Hannah
1.30pm Next Generation Stormwater Management Plans: Recent Advancements Under Clean Water Act Requirements in the United StatesDustin Bambic
Waihi Beach Flooding - "Not just a storm in a tea cup"
Coral-Lee Ertel

Borck Creek – Strategic Stormwater Planning
James Tomkinson & Chris Blythe

Saying Goodbye to the Stormwater Treatment Devices Design Guideline Manual TP 10Branko Veljanovski & Gretel Silyn Roberts
2.00pm All Dressed Up and No Place to Flow: A $25M Outfall
Sarah Basheer & Richard Smedley

Developing a Green Infrastructure Policy for the Auckland Council Stormwater UnitIan Mayhew & Wolfgang Kanz
Waimakariri Flood Protection Project: Building Banks and Raising InterestAnnette Sweeney
Plant Growth Trials in Rapid Filtration Media
Dr John Cheah

2.30pm Afternoon Tea
Building Flood Resilient Communities Catchment and Asset Management Planning Streams and Waterways Case Studies
3.00pm Adaptable Analysis - Different Approaches that Lead to the Same ResultsMark Pennington
Streamlining Stormwater Infrastructure Planning in Auckland - Planning Tools and Processes for Effective Stormwater ManagementJenny Vince & Rebecca Phillips
Iconic Urban Waterway and Stormwater Channel: Reviving the Maitai River
Jo Martin & Alison Horn & David Ayre

Dynamics of Nitrogen Compounds in Hayton’s Urban Drainage Stream ChristchurchFabio Silveira
3.30pm The Richmond Central Stormwater Infrastructure Upgrade
Avik Halder

Watercourse Assessment Reports: A Framework for Integrated Stream Management
Rachel Turner

Event Based Stormwater Harvesting Impacts On Waterway Flows in NSW AustraliaAndrew Tipene
Sawmill Stormwater ManagementMark Groves
4.00pm A Thousand Years in the Making: A Lesson in Resilience
Tony Urquhart

Creating Future Resilience in Auckland's Stormwater Ponds
Hayden Easton

Alternative Infrastructures: Urban Streams and their Biodiversity in Te Aro
Stu Farrant

Staying Dry with Rising Tides – Case Study, Miami Beach

James Logan

4.45pm Water New Zealand Stormwater Group Annual General Meeting
7.00pm Conference Dinner
FRIDAY 20 MAY 2016
8:30am– 1:30pm Site Visits
Site Visit 1

Departing 8:30am Returning 1pm

Havelock Tour

Stormwater treatment in a coastal marine Environment

Site Visit 2

Departing 9am

Returning 1pm with detour to Nelson airport

Nelson Tour

Local stream improvements and fish passage enhancements

Walk to historical 1868 weir, dam and bridge

Site Visit 3

Departing 9am

Returning 1:30pm with detour to Nelson airport

Richmond and Mapua Tour

Richmond - new subdivision, fish passage and stream upgrades

Mapua - Walk along coast to view coastal defences and outfalls

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