Annual Conference 2015 Papers

Annual Conference



Conference Opening & Powhiri

9.40am Plenary Keynote: Rahui Papa, “Te Huinga o Ngaa Wai – A Meeting of the Waters [Session

Chair: Brent Manning]

10.30am Morning Tea [ EXHIBITION AREA\

[Session Chair: Hugh Blake-Manson]

Network Operations [Session Chair: Rob Potts]

Local Issues

Modelling [Session Chair: Jeff McLean]

Resilience [Session Chair: AndrewvanBussel]

IWA/Science [Session Chair: TBC]


Infrastructure Funding
Mike Woolston

A Healthy Dose of Fibre– Two Case Studies of Fibreglass Pump Stations in Marlborough
Ian Macbeth

A CCO or Not? Waikato’s Big Issue

Mayor Julie Hardaker, Mayor Alan Sanson, Mayor Jim Mylchreest, Rahui Papa & Paul Bayly
Facillitatior: Peter Winefield

Modelling Our Latest Fashions to Accommodate the Growth Bulge
Dukessa Blackburn- Huettner

Resilience in Water and Wastewater Control and Telemetry Systems
Lester Abbey

Emerging Contaminants in New Zealand’s Aquatic Environment
Lokesh Padhye


Transformation Across the Water Sector
Paul Chadwick

How Did That Get in There? Characterising and Tracing Wastewater Inputs in the Stormwater Network
Justine Quinn

A Step Forward in the Wellington Region’s Water Modelling Journey
Cedric Papion & Keith Woolley

Resilience Examples in Reservoirs, Pump Stations and Pipelines – Lessons Learned From the Canterbury Earthquakes
Gavin Hutchison

Lake Waikare Water Quality Modeling: Using A New Model to Investigate Flushing Strategies
Tim Cox


A Glide Path for Water Reform – Scottish Water
Steve Finnemore

Improving the Long Term Management of Sewer Systems
Caroline Crosby & Josef Cesca

Wellington City Council Data Handling and Asset Management
Haydn Read

Wastewater Consent Reviews – Are they Really Adding Value?
Rob Green

Bacterial Circuits of Nitrous Oxide Production Characterised Using Metabolic Network Modelling and Metabolomics
Octavio Perez-Garcia

12.30pm Lunch [EXHIBITION AREA]


[Session Chair: Helen Atkins]

Pollutant Management

[Session Chair: Tim Harty]

Infrastructure Planning & Delivery

[Session Chair: Laura McElhone]

Water Supply and Technology Modelling

[Session Chair: Vicki Koopal

Planning for Growth [Session Chair: Dennis Lewis]



Iwi Rights and Interests in Water – Part 1
Donna Flavell (Ngāi Tahu) & Julian Williams (Tainui)

Watercare’s Comprehensive Wastewater Network Discharge Permit
Ann Maddox,
Patricia Paschke & Padraig McNamara

‘Best For Waipa’ – Delivering the 2012–2015 LTP – A Legacy for the Future
Ian Garside, Lorraine Kendrick, Bilyana Podrumac & Robin Walker

Verification of the Accuracy of LiDAR Data and its Implications for Flood Modelling
Mark Pennington

Preparing to Face the Juggernauts of Climate and Demographic Change
Chris Nokes

Photocatalytic Oxidation for Water Purification
Eldon Tate


Iwi Rights and Interests in Water – Part 2
Donna Flavell (Ngāi Tahu) & Julian Williams (Tainui)

The Water New Zealand Infiltration and Inflow Control Manual, 2nd Edition
Robert Le & Steve Carne

Integrated Wastewater Masterplanning for Wanganui City
Reiko Baugham & Kritzo Venter

Accumulate, Analyse, Alter, Audit, Automate
Ann Pugh

Pukekohe and North Frankin Rural Communities WaterSupply – Programme of Works
Alastair Stewart & Sharon Danks

Effectiveness and Carbon Footprint Of UV-Oxidation for the Treatment of Taste and Odour-CausingCompounds in Drinking Water
Alastair MacNab


The 2015 National Infrastructure Plan
Richard Ward

Intermittent Nitrification Inhibition At A Large Australasian WWTP Due To Industrial Chemical Discharge
Luke Sutherland-Stacey

Infrastructure Strategy– Benefits to Asset Management Planning for a Growing District
Claire Scrimgeour

Dunedin Water Supply Modelling
Jeff McLean

Boring Injection Innoculates Against Expensive Upgrades
Rob Darb

Characterisation of Biological Trickling Filter Sludge For

Wetland Dewatering And Treatment
Jason Park

3.30pm Afternoon Tea [EXHIBITION AREA]
Leaning from Afar

[Session Chair: Kalley Simpson]

Improving our Planning

[Session Chair:Dylan Stuijt]

National Performance Review Workshop Global Perspectives

[Session Chair: Steve Carne]

Gold from Waste

[Session Chair: Bevan MacKenzie]

Data and Compliance

[Session Chair:Derek Wood]


The Journey to Metering

– Kapiti’s Water SupplyStory

Sean Mallon

New Water Scheme in Historic Akaroa
Raelene Stewart

Online Measurement of SuspendedSolids:Field PerformanceTrials
Julianne Martin

Formation of a Data Special interest Group

Dukessa Blackburn- Huettner

Asset Management - Not Just About Long Term PlanningRobin Walker

Risky Business–Norovirus and Treated WastewaterRupert Craggs


Metering and Beyond – Lessons from Metering and the Next Steps for the Future

Martyn Cole

Understanding Service Pipe Resilience
Jonathan Morris

Integrating a Regions Control Systems-The Story So Far
James Murphy

Continuous Simulation of Tauranga’s Wastewater Treatment Plants
Ian Garside / Logan Thompson

Pipeline Performance Experiences During Seismic Events in New Zealand, 1987 to 2015
Frank O’Callaghan

Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins: Review of Regional Council Data
Chris Nokes


A New Training Landscape

Helmut Modlik

Retrofitting Resilience –Richmond Reservoirs
Avik Halder & Robert McIlwraith

Data Data Everywhere and not a Digit Dropped – The Waikato District Council Experience

Abby Gordon

Can an Overflow be Sustainable
Mark Groves

Seismic Performance of Plastic Pipe Systems in 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquakes
Bill Noell

IWA/Science A GM

7.00pm Hawkins Conference Dinner & Awards



Keynote: Lucia Cade – “Rethinking Water Infrastructure: How We Plan, Fund And Deliver” [Session Chair: David Simpson]




[Session Chair: Kelvin Hill]

Operations & Maintenance

[Session Chair: Greg Searle]

From Large to Small

[Session Chair: Steve Couper]

Regulation and Change

[Session Chair: Siobhan Hartwell]

Valuing our Resources

[Session Chair: Steve Burton]

Water Treatment

[Session Chair: Mike Schruer

Earthquake Resilience Workshop


Ruataniwha and the Legal Landscape

Helen Atkins

Wastewater Treatment Plants - You Can’t Switch Them off For Repairs

Becky Macdonald

Smart Pressure Sewer – A Revolution in Wastewater Reticulation and Asset Management

Graeme Salmon

Watercare GIS – Surviving Amalgamation and Moving Forward

Neville Perrie

An Introduction To The Central Plains Irrigation Scheme

Kieron Thorpe

Waimate West – An Energy Neutral Water Treatment Plant

Philip La Roche

Earthquake Resilience Workshop

Greg Preston Quake Centre & Philip MacFarlane Opus Research


Customer Service – What Does it Mean?

Mathew Telfer

Better Management of Wastewater Networks by Remotely Controlling Pressure Sewer System Pumps

Bridget O’Brien & Vanessa Lenihan

Low Tech Flushers – Optimising Your Wastewater Network and Save!

Liam Foster

Electricity Vs Water Sector – Legislated Frameworks, Risk Management and Investment Decision Making

Myles Lind

Managed Aquifer Recharge In Poverty Bay

Clare Houlbrooke

“Next Level” Risk Management At Hamilton’s Water Treatment Plant

Steve Carne


The Metadata Project

Haydn Read

Structural Repair of Pipes 900mm Using Geopolymers

Mark Mauro B.Eng

Digester 8 – Lessons Learned Constructing New Zealand’s Largest Mesophilic Wastewater Digester

John Robson & Andrew Blow

What Future Economic Regulation Might Look Like – Lessons from Electricity, Gas and Airports

Mark Robinson

Overcoming Consenting Challenges For Fonterra Lichfield Expansion

David Ray

Making New Places From Old Spaces The Waikanae WTP and RRWGW Upgrade

Philip Garrity

12.00pm Lunch [EXHIBITION AREA]
Long Journeys

[Session Chair: Martyn Simpson]

Workshop Improving our Planning

[Session Chair: Gary O’Meara]


[Session Chair: Ulrich Glasner]

Valuing our Environment

[Session Chair: Jo Bryan]

Solids Management

[Session Chair: Rob Green]

1.00pm Project Wai Taatari – The Journey From Master Plan to Delivery of the New Plymouth WWTP Upgrade
Nick Berry

Confronting the Renewals Bow Wave – From Data Standards to Performance Standards

Rob Blakemore, Kelvin Hill, Dukessa Blackburn- Huettner, Laura McElhone Facilitator: Steve Appledoorn

The BBC Comes to Cardrona – Making the Case for Wastewater and Water Supply
Ulrich Glasner

Long Wetlands And Pasture Irrigaton at The Blenheim Sewage Treatment Plant
Humphrey Archer

Re-Engineering Urban Streams: The Effects Of Daylighting On Stream Ecology
Martin Neale

Recycling Digested Sludge To Reduce Fat Oil and Grease Build-Up In Pipes
DongHyun Lee

1.30pm Project Wai Taatari – Implementing the New Plymouth WWTP Design-Build Upgrade
Michael Tan & Mark Hall

Watercare Post Integration – Asset Management System Improvements
Geof Stewart

Why Waste Water? – Harvesting For Irrigation
Rainer Hoffmann & Alec Mitchell

Sustainable Development – How Do We Measure It?
Rebecca Upton-Birdsall

The Use of Blend Lime for Biosolids Stabilisation to Defer Operational Spending
Clemence Carlinet

2.00pm Review of a Dam Constructed Using A BGM After 15 Years of Service
Bernard Breul

Scottish Water Journey
Ed Ptolomey

Can Performance Of Waste Stabilisation Ponds Be Improved?
Humphrey Archer

A Hidden Beauty: Seeing (And Hearing) Kumutoto Stream
Kedron Parker

Biosolids Incineration At Tahuna WWTP – Fuelling A $10 Million Capital Saving
Simon Drew

2.30pm Afternoon Tea [EXHIBITION AREA]

Leaning from Afar

[Session Chair: Kalley Simpson]

Improving our Planning

[Session Chair:Dylan Stuijt]

National Performance Review Workshop

Global Perspectives

[Session Chair: Steve Carne]

Gold from Waste

[Session Chair: Bevan MacKenzie]

Data and Compliance

[Session Chair:Derek Wood]


Implementing Smart Water Metering at the German Water Company Juragruppe

Michael Welzel

An Innovative Approach To Condition And Damage Assessment Of Land Drainage Assets

Jules Scott-Hansen

National Performance Review Workshop

Nick Walmsley

Terrorism – A Real Threat To Infrastructure?

Iain Rabbitts

Pilot Trials For Biological Treatment Of Kiln Wastewater

Nick Dempsey

Achieving Chemical Compliance In The Water Industry

Daniel Stevenson


Sewer and Stormwater Flooding – Difficult Decisions from the UK

Mark Andrews

Calculating Uncertainty In The Supply Demand Balance

Jonathan Reed & Charlotte Reed

Wellington Waterfront Jump Platform – Improved Water Quality

Ron Haverland

The Hidden Value Of Dairy Wastewater

Nathan Clarke

Are NOF’s The Silver Bullet?

Anita Simpson


Optimising Wastewater Treatment And Reuse – Mount Isa – A Case Study

Grant Pedersen & Nigel Tse

A Journey from Age Based Renewals Towards Optimised Long Term Condition Based Renewals

Amy Patterson Hormer

Performance Of Bioretention Areas – The California Experience

Jonathan Buck

Observation and Forecast Systems for Rainfall Quantification

Luke Sutherland-Stacey

Get That Data – Get It Early – Get It Well

Morgelyn Leizour & John Crawford


Hawkins Conference Dinner & Awards



Registration Opens

Exhibition Visitors’ Morning


Water New Zealand’s AGM


Brunch with Friday Speakers


Conference Closes

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