Simplifying Stormwater on a Complex Site

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Lyttelton Port of Christchurch’s (LPC) Coal Yard sits within Lyttelton Harbour at the bottom of the Port Hills. LPC have had issues with stormwater inundating the Coal Yard and maintenance facilities from the stormwater run off on the port hills. The goal of this project was to create an easily maintainable stormwater system to intercept the hill side run off (which is laden with sediment from loess soils) and to separate it from the operational coal yard. In addition the stormwater system was to facilitate short term development and the long term integration of the new haul road to the LPC Quarry which had been inaccessible since 2010 due earthquake damage. This paper will discuss how the solution delivered a successful outcome whilst dealing with complex issues of a highly erodible environment, a fully operational facility and the issues involved with a historical site.

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15 Sep 2017