Water New Zealand Conference & Expo 2017

Annual Conference

Keynote presentations can be found using the links below. Full papers will be available online in due course.


7:30 Registration Opens
9:00 Conference Opening and Welcome from the Water New Zealand President
9.15 Opening Keynote: Dr. Steve Hrudey, University of Alberta, International Experience and Learnings from Water Contamination Events in Affluent Nations
10.00 Plenary Keynote: Daniel Lambert, ARUP, Outcomes of the NZ Water Consumer Survey Report
10:30 Morning Tea – Exhibition Area
Thought Leadership Wastewater Treatment Water Treatment Network Planning (Modelling) IWA/Science Stream Young Water Professionals
11.00 Community-Managed Water Systems
Dr Jamie Bartram
University of North Carolina

Achieving Zero Effluent Phosphorus – The Membrane Treatment Solution
John McAndrew
MWH (now Part Of Stantec)

Performance Optimisation and Cost Reduction through Advanced Process Control
Jonathan Church & Jeremy McKibbin

Kaitaia Wastewater Overflow Reduction Study
Jan Heijs
Morphum Environmental

Early Detection of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water Supplies
Jonathan Puddick
Cawthron Institute

Facilitated by the Water NZ Young Water Professionals group, this interactive networking workshop provides opportunity to share experiences of current workplace environments and the interactions between generations.

Denmark Does Not Take Access to Water for Granted

Jesper Dannisoe

DHI / Danish Water Forum

Upgrading of the Motueka WWTP Pond System by Tertiary Processes Including Ultrafiltration Membrane
Humphrey Archer
Ch2m Beca Ltd

Challenges in Developing a Treatment Solution for PFAS - An Emerging ContaminantNick MarquezBeca
Urban Housing Alternative Approach to Provision of Water & Wastewater Infrastructure
Grant Pedersen & Abu Hoque
Harrison Grierson

Ensuring a Safe Future Drinking Water Supply for the Rangitaiki Plains
Shahbaz Sandhu & Jonathan Graham
Pattle Delamore Partners

12.00 Sustainable Development Goals for Water
Dr Robert Bos

Operating Experience with Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) Treating Food Waste
Dr Alzbeta Bouskova
ADI Systems

Influence of Pre-Ozonation and Media Type on Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) Performance
Peta Thiel
Research Laboratory Services

Accounting For Future Developments in Large Scale 2d Modelling – A Different Approach
Matthew Lillis
Hamilton City Council

Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water Using Silica Based Catalytic Media
James Aremu
University Of Waikato

12:30 Lunch – Exhibition Area

Electronic Poster Presentations

Thought Leadership Wastewater Treatment Water Treatment Network Planning (Modelling) IWA/Science Stream Customer Value Forum
2:00 New Zealand Water Issues
Geoff Simmons
The Opportunities Party

A Tale of Two Sludges – Trialling Operational Temperature Control of Anaerobic Digester
Jamie Roverts & Dr Becky Macdonald
Ch2m Beca Ltd

Water Treatment for Small Supplies – Balancing Risks and Costs
Andrew Watson
Ch2m Beca Ltd

A Hydrological Drought Index for the Clutha Catchment
Malcolm Taylor
University Of Waikato

Will No-One Rid Us of These Turbulent Priests – Modelling Dogma
Dr Chris Hearn
ADI Systems Asia Pacific

Following the release of the NZ Water Consumer Survey Report, this interactive workshop will demonstrate the online tool which drills down into the detail of the data to better understand consumer perceptions.

Session Chair, Mat Telfer

2:30 Freshwater Challenges
Dr Martin Neale & Andrew Schollum
MartinJenkins Consultants

Putting the Squeeze on Sludge – The Adoption of Screw Press Technology for Municipal Sludge Dewatering At New Plymouth WWTP
Chris French & David Taylor
Ch2m Beca Ltd

Paeroa WTP - Chemical Free Waste Streams
Iain Rabbitts & Karuna Hambammer
Harrison Grierson

A Comparison between the Drainflow and SCS-CN Methods in Rainfall-Runoff Modelling
Ali Shokri

Arsenic Removal from Contaminated Water Using Non-Imprinted Polymers
Norton Holtz
Ligar Lp

3:00 Catchment by Catchment – Farmers Moving Collectively are Solving a Problem
Chris Allen
Federated Farmers

PPCPs’ Removal in a Wastewater Treatment Plant of New ZealandLokesh Padhye & Rahul KumarThe University Of Auckland
The New First Responders: Automated On-Line Systems for Detection of Microbial Water Contamination
Eike Breitbarth & Rebecca Stott

Artificial Intelligence in the Water Industry: Myth or Reality?
Mo Chalabi & Andrew Duffy

A Novel Toolbox for Development of a Groundwater Health Index
Louise Weaver

3:30 Afternoon Tea – Exhibition Area
Thought Leadership Wastewater Treatment Asset Management Planning Pipeline Design IWA/Science Stream Industry Capability
4:00 Kaikoura Earthquake Impacts and Lessons for Resilience
Kelvin Berryman
General Manager: Natural Hazards Strategic Relationships, GNS Science

Omaha WWTP – Land Discharge Consent & Beneficial Re-Use Outcomes
Tanvir Bhamji, Nicholas Woodley & Aslan Perwick
Watercare Services Limited

Mangakino Wastewater Renewals – An Evidence Driven Approach
Paul Utting &Graeme Jackson

Piping Replacement to ASME-B31.3 in the Water Industry? Why Not?
Holger Zipfel
Harrison Grierson Ltd

Chromium Recovery from Tannery Wastewater Using Moleculary Imprinted Polymers
Aaron Low
Ligar LP

Digital Transformation in the Water Industry
Katharine Walker-Mead

4:30 The Local Government Commission: How Can We Help?
Suzanne Doig
CEO - NZ Local Government Commission

Energy Neutral WWTPs – A Dream or a Reality for New Zealand?
Garry Macdonald & John Crawford
Ch2m Beca Ltd

P-CAT™ – Pipeline Condition Assessment Technique for Water and Sewer Mains
Dr Young-il Kim
Detection Services

Design for Earthquake Induced Movement on Lifelines – The Ferrymead Bridge Experience
John Black

The Place of Water Research in NZ Science
Dr John Quinn Chief Scientist-Freshwater and Estuaries,

Development and Implementation of the License to Operate System
Fiona Vessey
Matamata-Piako District Council

5:00 LTP Assessment for DIA – what did we find?
David Walker

Getting To the Bottom of Scum – A New Process for the Separation and Dewatering of Clarifier Scum
Chris French & Graham Morris
Ch2m Beca Ltd

3 Waters Resilience Assessment Guideline and Opportunity for Improvement Melanie Liu

A Conundrum – The Difficulties of Pipe Stress Analysis for Cold Pipes Ross Sinclair
Jacobs NZ Limited

IWA/Science AGM Development of a NZ PE Pipe Industry Group and Associated Fusion Operator Certificate of Competency
Blair Telfer
Mott Macdonald

5.30 ProjectMax Welcome Reception – Exhibition Area
7:30 Jeff Booth Modelling Group Dinner – The Bank
7:30 Applied Instruments Operations Dinner – The Roaming Giant


8:00 Registration Opens
8.30 Keynote Presentation: Dr Paul Byleveld, Manager, New South Wales Health, Water Unit,Water and Sanitation Safety in Humanitarian Emergencies
9.15 Keynote Presentation: David Kay, University of Aberystwyth, Wales, How Emerging Science in Europe is Challenging Regulatory Assumptions for Bathing and Shellfish Harvesting Waters
10:00 Morning Tea – Exhibition Area
Thought Leadership Different Strokes Water Services Managers Group Strategic Planning Operational Issues Water Supply Engagement
10.30 The Drinking Water Situation in Flint Michigan
Dr Laurie McNeill
Utah State University

Havelock North Water Supply Campylobacter Outbreak – Source and Ingress InvestigationsTony CussinsTonkin + Taylor Ltd
Wastewater Overflow Continual Improvement Programme – The Journey So Far
Karl Pavlovich
Waikato District Council

Integrated Catchment Management Plans –A Hamilton City Experience from Creation to Implementation Andrea Phillips & Nathan Savage Hamilton City Council
Innovative NZ Aeration System Enhanced Ammonia Removal and WWTP Efficiency
Tara Okan
DCM Process Control Ltd

Rainwater and Greywater: Perceptions, Performance and Impacts
Lee Bint

11:00 Turning the Water Industry into Energy Neutrality
Mads Warming
Global Segment Director, Water and Wastewater, Danfoss

Surviving the Tasman Tempest – Key Customer Engagement in the Face of Auckland’s Water Crisis
Ilze Gotelli

No Dig Resin Based Sewer Rehabilitation Performance Post 2014
Gerard Cody
Timaru District Council

Adaptive Planning Standing the Test of Time: The Thames Estuary
David Ramsbottom
HR Wallingford (UK)

Electro-Coagulation of Meat Processing Wastewater
Logan Yan
University Of Waikato

Assessing Water Footprint and Associated Water Scarcity Indicators: A Case Study of Concrete Manufacture
Amber Garnett

11:30 Water New Zealand Update

John Pfahlert

Innovation in the Water Industry and the Impact of Disruptive Technology
Iain Peffers
Downer NZ

Chlorination, Not Always an Acceptable Solution for the Community - My Queenstown Experience
Ulrich Glasner
Queenstown Lakes District Council

The Future of Urban Water: Scenarios for Water Utilities In 2040
Priyani Madan
Arup New Zealand Ltd

Midge Nuisance – A Swarm in a Pond
Dr Becky MacDonald & Jamie Roverts
Ch2m Beca Ltd

Putting the Customer First – Establishing a Customer Panel at Wellington Water
Alexander Van Paassen
Wellington Water

12:00 Water Safety Plan Framework
Ministry of Health

Artesian Heating and Cooling In Christchurch
Mike Thorley
Beca Ltd

Keeping Water in the Pipes – We All Have a Part to Play
Martyn Cole
Kapiti Coast District Council

Hamilton City 3-Waters Infrastructure Strategies – Master Planning in the Face of Uncertainty
Jackie Colliar & Andrea Phillips
Hamilton City Council

Council, the Builder – A Successful “DIY” Operation!
Ian Ho & Ash Deshpande
Harrison Grierson

Empowering Communities through Water Supply Projects
Gina Yukich
Engineers Without Borders

12:30 Lunch – Exhibition Area
Thought Leadership Reticulation Infrastructure Challenges Strategic Planning Wastewater Industry Competencies
1:30 Smart Investment @ Wellington Water to Deliver Better Community Outcomes
Eugene Stansfield
Principal Advisor, Smart Investment, Wellington Water

Sewer Manholes – It’s Time for a Re-Think!
Michael Christeller
Tauranga City Council

Technology Is Taking Over – But Are We Really Getting the Best from It
Roselle O'Brien
Downer NZ

Water NZ Pressure Sewer Good Practice Guidelines
Graeme Salmon

Balancing a Community’s Wastewater Aspirations with Affordability - The Gisborne Experience
Rachael Shaw
Ch2m Beca Ltd

The water industry is an ever changing environment, stretching our abilities in the areas of Industry Competencies. A number of speakers will address what happened in the past and present day environments and what lies ahead in the future. An interactive panel session will follow on looking at some of those hard to answer questions around the availability of skills competency across the water sector.

Session Chair: Kelvin Hill

2:00 Taking digital design and delivery to the next level
Simon Kerr
Principal, Digital Delivery, Mott MacDonald

Sewage Reticulation – What Option is best for you?
Diana Kim
Pattle Delamore Partners

Coordination of Power and Metal Pipelines Using Risk Based Safety Principles
Dr Rodney Urban
Beca Ltd

Value Creation in Procurement - The Karapiro WTP Case StudyMichael MuntisovGHD
Small-Scale Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Challenging Environments
Katrina Bukauskas & Andrew Koolhof
Engineers Without Borders Australia

2:30 Disruptive Technologies
Vaughan Robertson
Group Manager, Technology Strategy Beca

Auckland’s Central Interceptor: Innovations from Planning through Detailed Design
Ali Mirza, Stephen Grace & Duncan Kingsbury
Watercare Services Ltd

Critical Infrastructure in Vulnerable Locations
Adam Donaldson & Parvati Patel
Hamilton City Council

STP (Strategic Transformation Programme) Customer Journey – Designing the Future
Paul De Quaasteniet & Peter Johnson

Invigorating Interurban Industry
Anita Simpson
Harrison Grierson

3:00 Afternoon Tea – Exhibition Area
Thought Leadership New and Existing Assets Network Planning Strategic Planning Modelling Data Issues
3:30 Pacific Aid
Jonathan Fletcher
Principal Development Manager, Infrastructure, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Optimised Long Term Condition-Based Renewals of Hastings District Council Trunk Sewers
Elias Gandashanga
MWH Now Part Of Stantec

Shaken, Not Stirred: Water Supply Network Resilience in the Wellington Region
Cedric Papion

Biomanipulating Diatom Growth – Ammonia and Cyanobacteria Reduction in Wastewater Treatment
Dr Simon Tannock

Sewex Modelling Tool for Corrosion & Odour Management
Zhiguo Yuan
AWMC – University of Queensland

SCADA Strategy and Challenges
Andrew Duffy & Stuart Kirk
Ch2m Beca

4:00 Oxfam’s Role in the Pacific
Angela Wilton
Director of Partnerships, Oxfam

Impact of Climate Cycles and Trends on Selwyn District Water AssetsDr Helen RutterAqualinc Research Ltd
Rototuna Reservoir Construction – Securing Water for the Future
Lance Haycock
Hamilton City Council

Taking Action on Resilience, Wellington’s Story
Antony Cameron & Mark Kinvig
Cardno NZ

Use of Physical Modelling and Building Information Modelling For Mangere Wastewater Pump Station
Stephen Grace
Watercare Services Ltd

Rags to Riches - A Data Story
Richie Murray & Karl Pavlovich
Ergo Consulting Ltd

4:30 PWWA Role in the Pacific
Pitolau Lusia Sefo - LeauExecutive Director,
Pacific Water and Wastes Association

Operational Use of Rain Radar in Auckland
Luke Sutherland-Stacey
Weather Radar New Zealand

Optimisation of Pump / Storage to Improve Cultural, Environmental and Economic Outcomes
Matthew Sheppard & Mike Bourke
Jacobs NZ Ltd & Christchurch City Council

The Water Bottle Battle – Whose Water Is It?
Matt Conway
Simpson Grierson

Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling Improves Wastewater Pond Design
Franz Resl
Erpro Environmental Ltd

Alternative Approaches to Assessing Asbestos Cement Pipe & Critical Assets Insitu
Dr Mason Erkelens & Michael Welk
DS Insight Pty Ltd

5.00 Water New Zealand’s AGM
7:30 Downer Conference Dinner & Awards


8:30 Registration Opens
9.00 Raveen Jaduram, Managing Director, Watercare,Customer Centric Digital Utility
Exhibition Visitors’ Morning
9:30 Keynote Presentation: Dr Vinod Tare,Indian Institute of Technology, River Basin Management – The Need for Multi-Disciplinary Approach
10.15 Morning Tea
10.45 Keynote Presentation: Ken Hutchison, Managing Director, Scottish Water - What do you need to do to truly put the customer at the heart of your business?
11.30 Colin Crampton, Chief Executive, Wellington Water - The New Water Manager of the 2020’s – Fast and Loud
12.00 Conference Wrap Up and Official Close
Conference Papers