Annual Conference 2018 - Papers

Annual Conference



8.50  Conference Opening and Welcome from the Water New Zealand President [Heaphy 1 & 2]

9.15  Opening Keynote: Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Local Government [Heaphy 1 & 2]

9.45  Plenary Keynote: Thierry Witkowicz, Senior Vice President Business Development - Smart Cities, Veolia; Towards Smart & Resilient Cities [Heaphy 1 & 2]


Morning Tea – Exhibition Area

Thought Leadership 1

[Heaphy 1]

Asset Condition [Heaphy 2]

Safe Drinking Water [Heaphy 3]

Trenchless Technology [Brooklyn 1]

IWA/Science Stream [Brooklyn 2]

Young Water Professionals [Arena Lounge]


Water New Zealand Update

John Pfahlert 

Chief Executive

Technologies to Assess Condition of Wastewater Rising Mains

Jonathan Morris Wsp Opus

The Battle Of Waterloo 

Laurence Edwards 

Wellington Water

CIPP A North American Perspective: Assessing the Performance of 40 Years of CIPP Lining Rehabilitation in Winnipeg, MB Canada

Chris Macey, AECOM

WHO drinking-water quality programme: updates and emerging issues

Batsi Majuru

World Health Organisation

Young Water Professionals

Ten bright Young Water Professionals will give 2-minute presentations on an assigned ‘Hot Topic’.

Prizes will be awarded for the Best Presentation and a People’s Choice Award.

Special guest speaker is Clive Rundle, General Manager Water for Beca


Water Services Association Australia

Stuart Wilson

Deputy Executive Director, WSAA

Operations optimisation at Wellington Water – innovation that lead to world- wide change

Simon Bunn SUEZ Smart Solutions

Applying international best practice in drinking water supplies. Lessons learnt from Hastings District Council

Carly Price

The Questioning Engineer

So, you’re building a Tunnel!A stakeholder’s perspective on the construction of a major infrastructure project in Melbourne

Chris Frangos

University of Melbourne

Campylobacter Survival In Groundwater: Comparison Of Two Strain Types And Two Groundwater Types

Louise Weaver

Institute of Environmental Science & Research


Drinking Water & 3 Waters Governance

Todd Krieble

Chief Strategy and Policy Officer Ministry of Health

Modelling The Risks And Resilience Of Water Supplies And Water Infrastructure Using Goldsim

James Blyth Jacobs

Re-assessment of the Risks of Protozoa in New Zealand's Natural Waters

Kathryn Jessamine 


Deep, Large Diameter CIPP Case Study

Chris Macey AECOM

Fate and transport of nitrogen from wastewater irrigated to land adjacent to a sensitive harbour

Jim Cooke 

Streamlined Environmental


Lunch – Exhibition Area

Thought Leadership 2

[Heaphy 1]

Asset Condition [Heaphy 2]

Drinking Water Technology [Heaphy 3]

Trenchless Technology [Brooklyn 1]

IWA/Science Stream [Brooklyn 2]

Big Data [Arena Lounge]


Green Stormwater Infrastructure - Seattle

Tracy Tackett 

Seattle Public Utilities

Renewals – Spend Some Money On Investigations Or Just Do Like-For-Like Replacement?

James Hopgood Stantec

Protozoan Removal Efficiencies In Rapid Sand Filtration Processes Using Micro Mimics

Annabelle Tham

Institute of Environmental Science & Research

Don't Tear Down This Wall – Renewal Of A U Shaped Sewer

Andrew Owen Stantec

E. Coli Transgressions - Learning From The Past

David Wood

Institute of Environmental Science & Research

Facilitated by Digital Water Group and Steve Couper

  • Auckland Council safe swim campaign

  • Upgrading legacy SCADA systems to meet current industry demands

  • Operational risk reduction, efficiency gains and performance optimisation

Immediately following the workshop will be a presentation and discussion by the  Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN)


Freshwater Policy Update

Cheryl Barnes

 Deputy Secretary

Ministry for the Environment

Digital Radiography Condition Assessment Of Valves,A Fire Plugs, And Pipes

Mason Erkelens Detection Services Pty

Uv Peroxide – A New Zealand Approach

Daniel Stevenson Harrison Grierson

Rehabilitation of Stormwater Culverts – Unique Aspects to be Addressed During Design and Specification

Jonathan Morris 


Developing A New Class Of Pathogen Surrogates For Water Applications 

Liping Pang

Institute of Environmental Science & Research


Te Waiora Joint Institute for Freshwater Management

University of Waikato & NIWA

Dr Chris Tanner, Director

Restructuring A Renewals Programme To Deliver Long Term Value

Peter Evans Harrison Grierson

Sand Removal: Past Industry Operation In Present Water Treatment Process 

Rebecca Upton-Birdsall

Watercare Services

Renewal of Deteriorated Sewers – What Can and Can't be lined?

John Monro Interflow

A Pilot Scale Evaluation of Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor technology for BNR Process Intensification

Sandeep Sathyamoorthy Black & Veatch


Afternoon Tea – Exhibition Area

Thought Leadership 3

[Heaphy 1]

Climate Change [Heaphy 2]

Using Water Wisely [Heaphy 3]

Trenchless Technology [Brooklyn 1]

IWA/Science Stream [Brooklyn 2]

Water Services Managers Group [Arena Lounge]


Local Government NZ

Stuart Crosby Vice President, LGNZ

Cape Town's Day Zero - Lessons for New Zealand

Wageed Kamish Tonkin + Taylor

Virus Transport Through Soil From On- Site Wastewater Treatment Systems  Hazel Clemens

University of Canterbury

Avoiding Interference - a Unique Approach to Dealing with a Common Problem in HDD Installations

Chris Dowd

Potential Impacts On Groundwater Quality Caused By Earthquake Induced Vertical Permeability Enhancement

Helen Rutter

Aqualinc Research

Presentations from Water Services Managers GroupQueenstown ChallengeEx-cyclone Gita – the day the tree fell

Ulrich Glasner, Queenstown Lakes DC

Mark Hall, New Plymouth DC


Engineering a Better New Zealand

Neil Miller Engineering New Zealand

Responding To Climate Change Challenges Facing The Water And Wastewater Industry

Olivia Philpott Watercare Services

Adding Clarity To The Murky World Of Greywater Re-Use And Risk To Human Health.

Amber Garnett (BRANZ) & Seinalyn Villanueva (ESR)

When "Too Hard" Is Not Acceptable – Marine Parade Wastewater Upgrade

  Jekabs Rozitis


Extending ASM1 to Model a Tubular Biofilm Reactor

Caroline Hope Beca


Head over to the Water New Zealand AGM in the Arena Lounge

Green Square: Enabling Urban Renewal Through Effective Flood Risk Management

Nick Taylor WSP- Opus

60 Years of Migratory Bird Management on the Manukau

Chris Garton Watercare Services Ltd

Improving The Resilience Of Key Pipelines

Leigh John

Aquapipe Solutions

IWA/Science AGM

Water New Zealand AGM


Project Max Welcome Reception – Exhibition Area


Registration Opens

Registration Opens



9.00  Plenary Keynote: Cindy Wallis-Lage, President, Black & Veatch - Prioritising Water to drive Sustainable, Resilient Communities [Heaphy 1 & 2]


Morning Tea – Exhibition Area

Thought Leadership 4

[Heaphy 1]

Challenging Conventional Pipeline Solutions

[Heaphy 2]

Odour/Smart Wastewater Management [Heaphy 3]

Protecting Receiving Waters [Brooklyn 1]

Asset Planning [Brooklyn 2]

Natural Disasters and Resiliency [Arena Lounge]


Water Sector Reform Program in Ireland– Process, Challenges and Achievements

Jerry Grant MD of Irish Water

Smart Pressure Sewer and the Development of South West Christchurch Helen Barclay


Preventing The ‘Pong’, Whanganui’s Five Year Journey

Brett Eaton Cardno

Microbial Diversity At Two Geographic Locations – Developing A Database Of Species With Water Chemistry

Louise Weaver

Institute of Environmental Science & Research

Master Plan Implementation - Challenges and Lessons Learnt 

Julie Plessis (Mott Macdonald NZ) & Evan Vaughters (Hamilton City Council)

Delivering Wellington's Emergency Water Network

Ashley Rideout Cardno


How Drinking Water Regulation has improved the quality of water

Ken Hutchison MD of Scottish Water

Maida Vale And The Tale Of The Throttle Pipe - Passive-Control To Eliminate Foul Pumping

Hannah Breeds Stantec

Magnesium Hydroxide Dosing For Septicity Control: The Benefits Of A Catchment Wide Approach

Ralph Lloyd-Smith Calix

Dealing with SIN: A Novel Solution

Jared Mayes Cardno

Smart Sewer Networks – Lessons From Overseas And Their Application To New Zealand

Philip Mcfarlane WSP-Opus

Funding a Disaster

Paul Reed Beca


Canada’s Walkerton Water Contamination Event: Impact on Drinking Water Regulations

David Pernitsky Stantec

Lessons Learnt From Retrofitting Existing Wastewater Catchments With Vacuum Sewer Systems Post-Earthquake

Pete Dawson Beca

Moving Towards Smart WWTP's Through Advanced Aeration Control

Jennifer Dreyfus Suez ANZ

Optimisation Of Membrane Bioreactor Nutrient Removal Performance – Some Practical Examples

Damien Sharland Jacobs

Wastewater Planning Driven By Environmental Effects

Kirsten Norquay & Ian Evans Stantec

An Innovative Approach to Measuring Resilience Based on Post-Earthquake Water Demand

Behrooz Balaei WSP-Opus


Protection of Drinking Water Sources post Havelock North

Tony Cussins (Tonkin & Taylor) & Brett Chapman (Hastings DC)

Rigid and Flexible Pipe Design, Installation and Whole Life Cost

Tony Gordon WSP Opus

Kawana Stp Upgrade: Using Bim And Virtual Reality For Design, Construction And Operations

Dean Maguire & Simon Smith WSP-Opus

Consenting Of The North East Sub- Regional Wastewater Scheme 

Nick Berry


Wastewater Strategy: Planning for many uncertainties, now called Wastewater Strategy: Uncovering Secrets

Jan Heijs 

Morphum Environmental

Resilience Assessment Guideline For Three Waters: A Technical Resilience Prospective 

Melanie Liu



Lunch – Exhibition Area

Thought Leadership 5

[Heaphy 1]

Energy [Heaphy 2]

Wastewater [Heaphy 3]

Protecting Our Customers [Brooklyn 1]

Metadata [Brooklyn 2]

Workforce Capability [Arena Lounge]


WHO Guidelines for Small Drinking-water Supplies

Batsi Majuru

World Health Organisation

Trade “Waste Of Time” – Craft Brewery Wwtp Simplification And Improvement 

Ming Heng


A Utilities’ Guide To Starting Up 

Anammox  Octavio Perez-Garcia

Watercare Services

Using Ami Technology To Reduce Non- Revenue Water, Improve Resiliency, And Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Eric Skowron


Providing A Concrete Implementation Of National Metadata As-Built Standards 

Scott Ferguson

A2k Technologies

Water New Zealand Workforce Capability Project Update


Aligning Environmental Engineering Education With National Needs  Mark Milke

Dept. Civil And Nat. Res. Eng./Univ.



Why a chlorine residual? Facts and Uncertainties.

Laith Furatian

City of Kamloops, Canada

Boosting Energy Production Through Co- Digestion

Jennifer Dreyfus Suez ANZ

Establishing nitrite shunt at full scale

  Hui Ian Tan & Clemence Carlinet Watercare Services

The Future Of Wellhead Protection

Mike Thorley 


Draining the asset data backlog through automation

Peter O'Regan Beca


National Performance Review Issues

Lesley Smith Water New Zealand

Energy Management In Allwater: 5 Years On - Watts Worked?

Jennifer Dreyfus Suez ANZ

Advances In Wastewater Treatment - Reducing Energy Use While Improving Effluent Quality

Aprilia Vellacott Jacobs

Fluoridation: The Gleaming White Tooth About Cost

Lisa Mace Beca

Application Of New Zealand Metadata Standards – Overcoming Potential Shortcomings

Dan Johnson WSP Opus


Afternoon Tea – Exhibition Area

Thought Leadership 6

[Heaphy 1]

Delivery [Heaphy 2]

Wastewater [Heaphy 3]

National & Local Issues [Brooklyn 1]

Operations [Brooklyn 2]

Protecting Receiving Waters [Arena Lounge]


Resilience Bonds  

  Thierry Witkowicz Veolia

Project Shotover - What Did We Learn?What Did We Achieve?

John Crawford & Simon Mason Beca

Mbnru: Progressive Safety In Design – Concept Design Through Design Build 

Sven Harlos


Environmental Consents – How We Might Improve Them In New Zealand 

Garry MacDonald


Pathways to Sustainability through Process Intensification and Implications for Plant Operations

Sandeep Sathyamoorthy Black & Veatch

Water Clarity-Based Prediction Of Faecal Bacterial Density In New Zealand Rivers 

Christopher Ayokunle Dada

Streamlined Environmental


Climate Change and Stormwater & Wastewater Systems

Belinda Storey

The Deep South Science Challenge

Effective And Innovative Partnership Model For Delivery Of Major Treatment Programs

Anthony Korbel WSP-Opus

Keep Your Effluent Pond – Bio-Shells/Mf – Case Study To Improve Quality

Tom Marshall Marshall Projects

Land Treatment Optimisation - A Collaborative Journey

Amy Smith Cardno NZ

Ice Pigging: A New Approach To Cleaning Pressurised Pipelines

Graeme Berriman 

Suez ANZ

The Gap Between Ideas And Delivery

Roselle O'Brien



Danish Climatorium 

Sarah Lund Denmark

Emerging Organic Contaminants: What Are They and Should We Be Concerned?

Becky Macdonald Beca

Emerging Technologies For Nitrogen And Phosphorus Removal, And Brine Management

Kate Simmonds & David Austin Jacobs

Waiāri Water Supply Scheme : Planning The Water Supply For A Growing City

Chris Olivier Beca

Innovative Energy Opportunities For Water Utilities

Laurence Jenner 

Watercare Services

Anaerobic Treatment Of Cream Cheese Whey

Alzbeta Bouskova BPO


“Our Shout” – Water New Zealand Pre-Dinner Drinks


Downer Gala Dinner


“Our Shout” – Water New Zealand Pre-Dinner Drinks


Downer Gala Dinner



Registration Opens

Thought Leadership 7

[Heaphy 1]

Thought Leadership 8

[Heaphy 2]


Water Complaints Scheme Utilities Disputes 

Watercare Joe Cruden (Utilities Disputes) & Amanda Singleton (Watercare)

Million Metres Streams Project

Georgina Hart Sustainable Business Network

Exhibition Visitors’ Morning


Growing Up in New Zealand (health research project)

Assoc Prof Susan Morton Auckland University

Challenges & opportunities to reduce agricultural waterway nitrate loads with stream rehabilitation tools

Brandon Goeller

PhD Candidate - School of Biological Sciences University of Canterbury


Morning Tea


Plenary Keynote: Scottish Regulatory Framework; Alan Sutherland, Water Industry Commission for Scotland [Heaphy 1 & 2]


Plenary Keynote: Sam Johnson; Student Volunteer Army/Community Guardian Scheme, Christchurch [Heaphy 1 & 2]


Water New Zealand President  – What’s Coming Up [Heaphy 1 & 2]

12.00  Conference Wrap Up and Official Close

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