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Modelling The Risks And Resilience Of Water Supplies And Water Infrastructure Using Goldsim

New Zealand is facing increasing pressures on our water supplies, from both population growth and abstraction for agricultural and industrial development. The general public is widely aware of water related issues and sustainable use of our water resources is not only a goal for many people, but is requirement under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPSFM).

Holistic modelling of water supplies using software such as GoldSim can provide a more detailed understanding of the risks and uncertainties that a site, town or city may face under a range of scenarios, such as extreme droughts or random infrastructure failures during peak demand periods. These modelling approaches of the whole system can help site managers and councils plan into the future, catering for greater demand by optimizing their system with a targeted focus on the areas that pose the biggest risk or have the best cost/benefit relationship for improving resilience.