Wastewater Renewals Framework - Gravity Pipelines

One key output from the Pipe Renewals programme is the Wastewater Renewals Framework – Gravity Pipelines guidance document. This has recently been published and is available from the Quake Centre’s resource portal or Water New Zealand. This guidance has been developed by Philip McFarlane from WSP-Opus with input from a wide range of industry players.

The Renewals Framework developed in this document provides a structured process that organisations can use to plan renewals. The Framework shows how organisations can use existing data in a meaningful way. Importantly, the Framework can be scaled and modified to suit the needs of an organisations.

The Renewals Framework draws on processes and information described in the International Infrastructure Management Manual, New Zealand Asset Metadata Standards (NZAMS) and the University of Canterbury Pipeline Renewal Programme. While this document is closely aligned to the NZAMS, the advice provided can be applied independent of the NZAMS.


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01 Apr 2019