Pressure Sewer National Guidelines

The demands and expectations of New Zealand wastewater networks systems are increasingly coming under pressure, in some situations the traditional gravity sewer network is no longer the best solution to provide communities the public health benefits that a wastewater network provides.

The changing environment coming at the wastewater sector such as climate change with higher ground water tables; higher public expectation of resilience of infrastructure and increasing demands of system integrity are all reasons for looking at other alternative methods of wastewater transportation from the tried and true methods of the past.

The services that Water New Zealand members provide to New Zealand Inc often goes unnoticed but is greatly appreciated by those that are aware of the risks and the effort required to improve New Zealanders quality of life.

My thanks goes to the Water Services Managers Group for funding this guideline and the value this guideline provides to both utilities and consultants in assessing the pros and cons of wastewater network options that are available in this ever developing technical field.

WaterNZ Pressure Sewer National Guidelines FINAL (2020).pdf

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17 Feb 2020

Pressure Sewer Selection Tool.xlsx

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28 Feb 2020