Residential water use in New Zealand

BRANZ undertook a study looking at how water is used in New Zealand homes. It involved participation from councils and water supply authorities from around New Zealand, and a widespread 66-household sample was obtained. Total water use for each household was collected at 10-second intervals, complemented with an occupant survey and a detailed inventory of water-using appliances and fittings from within the home. A project report is available from the BRANZ website:

The attached report provides further analysis of project data undertaken by University of Auckland and funded through the Water Services Managers Group. The report provides;

  • a summary of overall usage
  • disaggregation of end use water
  • annual and diurnal variations
  • comparison of usage across metered and unmetered households
  • minimum night flows and leakage

Residential Water Use in New Zealand End Use Disaggregation - Final Report_v2.pdf

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27 Sep 2022

Residential water use poster_FINAL.pdf

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17 Aug 2023