Watercare’s nitrous oxide adventure – some learnings so far

Join Chris Thurston and Kevan Brian to hear Watercare’s emerging learnings in the management of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas produced by wastewater treatment processes.

Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas with a global warming potential of over 270 times that of carbon dioxide and is predicted to be the most dominant ozone-depleting substance in the twenty-first century*. It is often generated as a bi-product of centralised wastewater treatment, however the quantum varies significantly. Understanding the amount of emissions generated, the complex interactions that drive them, and how they can be reduced is an area of emerging science globally.

Here in Aotearoa New Zealand, Watercare have embarked on a journey to better understand and manage nitrous oxide emissions from their wastewater treatment plants. This webinar will be hosted by, Watercare Innovation and Sustainability managers Kevan Brian and Chris Thurston. They will cover how nitrous oxide emissions fit within Watercare's broader sustainability journey, work underway to understand and manage them, and emerging learnings.