Good Practice Guide for Fluoridation of Drinking Water Supplies in New Zealand - Volume 1

Fluoride is added to drinking water to help protect against tooth decay. The Health Act grants the Director-General of Health decision making powers on community water fluoridation. Water suppliers will be required to fluoridate a water supply if directed to do so by the Director-General of Health. Those already fluoridating are required to continue to do so.

This two part guidance series has been developed to assist water suppliers in the design and operation of water fluoridation plants to enable effective addition of fluoride to water supplies in a manner which protects public health, and the operators who maintain them.

  • Volume one: Specifies good practice for the safe design and effective operation of a fluoridation plant.
  • Volume two: Provides design and operational information on the fluoridation of drinking water, including template designs. (Available here)

DWG files contained in the document are available on request.

Fluoride Good Practice Guide Volume 1 WEBSITE.pdf

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02 May 2023