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Water Loss Guidance Material

Water New Zealand provides are suite of resources to provide water suppliers with the tools necessary to firstly analyse and reduce the level of water losses in a water distribution network.

Water Loss Guidelines, February 2010 - Provide a strategy and set of actions for identifying and reducing water loss level

Benchmarking of Water Losses NZ Manual - This document is the User Manual for the 2008 upgrade of the Water Loss Benchmarking Software (BenchlossNZ)

Benchloss Software - The BenchlossNZ 2008 software is an Excel Workbook that processes basic information entered by the user in such a way that:

  • Unavoidable Annual Real Losses are calculated for any individual system
  • Components of the IWA standard Water Balance are calculated for any system and year
  • Selected IWA Performance Indicators are calculated and compared with the values from the International Data set used in the 'AQUA' December 1999 paper (Ref 6). A facility is also provided for comparing calculated PIs with a New Zealand Data set, when such a data set becomes available.

This version of CheckCalcsNZ is designed to be complimentary to BenchlossNZ by:

  • providing a quick streamlined version of the Water Balance and PI calculations for water suppliers with smaller systems, and for water suppliers' sub-systems;
  • allowing the Annual Operating cost required for the NRW Financial PI Fi47,
  • NRW% by $ value - to be calculated according to the latest IWA principles;
  • quickly identifying appropriate action priorities for different World Bank Institute Performance Bands A to D;
  • giving an overview of pressure management opportunities and probable range of reduction of leak flow rates, new burst frequencies & customer metered income.

Relevant Water Loss Technical Papers

  1. Including the effects of pressure management in calculations of Short-Run Economic Leakage Level, Fantozzi
  2. Pressure management extends infrastructure life and reduces unnecessary energy cost, Julian Thornton & Allan Lambert
  3. Water Loss Performance Indicators, Roland Liemberger
  4. Practical experience in applying advanced solutions for calculation of frequency of intervention with Active Leakage Control: result obtained, Benvenuti
  5. Water 21, December 2006, Managing pressures to reduce new breaks, Julian Thornton & Allan Lambert

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