Water Journal no. 188 March 2015


President's Column - Law reform: the case for change Brent Manning
CEO Comment - Introducing John Pfahlert, new CEO John Pfahlert
Board profiles : Helen Atkins and Dukessa Blackburn-Huettner
Variations will enable wetlands trial Gisborne DC
Watercare will make a difference in the Pacific Hannah Davies (Oxfam)
Problems with flushable wipes Nick Walmsley (Water New Zealand)
Water law - recent and upcoming developments Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison-Shaw, Phoebe Mason (Atkins Holm Majurey)
Design of liners for deteriorated sewers - latest research to make it more efficient John Monro (Interflow)
The use of hydraulic transient modelling in the design of resilient pipelines Alistair Hancox, Grant Pedersen (Harrison Grierson)
Surfing the wave: using social media to gather usable data on flood extents A E Marburg, R Orr (GHD)
Cost effective calibration of wastewater hydraulic models Wioletta Straszak, Nihal Ginige (Opus)
Flood planning for New Zealand's small towns James Reddish (Opus)
Sustainable water supply for Kapiti Claire Harman (KCDC)
Putting energy meters to good use : benchmarking energy use in water and sewerage systems Lesley Smith (Water New Zealand)
LIT "UV" technology Ecological Technologies
New senior appointment to fuel growth at HTC HTC
Engineering growth ProjectMax

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