Water Journal no. 190 July 2015


Presidents Coloum - Lessons from Australia Brent Manning
CEO Comment - A Waikato CCO? John Pfahlert
Board Profiles: Adrian Hynds and David Simpson
The CCO trend among councils Hugh de Lacy
Resilience - A critical consideration Peter Whitehouse
Talking with Eldon Tate
Liveable communities make up liveable cities
How we assess conference papers Ian Garside (Beca)
Beyond the fence Lesley Smith
Lykke Leonardsen - One hell of a cloud burst Alan Titchall
Waste treatment with native plants Sherian Gundry (GEMS Communications)
From little boysenberries big things grow Patrick Watson
A lesson in water treatment upgrading Jonathan Church (h2ope)
Greywater reuse compliance in New Zealand and overseas Alma Siggins, Hamish Lowe, Ben Thompson, Jacqui Horsell
When the defence force calls Warren McKenzie, Rob Docherty (Pattle Delamore Partners)
Open channel flow measurement Geoff Young (BPO)
Trade waste management - obligation or customer service Sven Exeter (Mott MacDonlad)
Murky Waters Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison, Phoebe Mason (Atkins Holm Majurey)
Connexis adds water to industry coverage
Wastewater solution with web monitoring meters
Reducing the load with trenchless technology

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