Water Journal no. 184 May 2014


President's Column - RMA - Fundamentally flawed? Steve Couper
CEO Comment - Strategic Directions Murray Gibb
Trade Waste management - a partnership between industry and utility providers Trade Waste SIG
Green Party water policy: working for clean rivers, lakes and aquifers Eugenie Sage (Green Party)
Ship-shape : sealing the legal cracks Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison, Phoebe Mason (Atkins, Holm Majurey)
The water sector - "green" by definition or not? Claire Feeney (Environmental Communications)
Interactive maps show global water stress
Memorandum to restore Waiapu catchment signed
The urban runoff quality database and information system Jennifer Gadd, Annette Semadeni-Davies, Jonathan Moores, Uwe Duesing (NIWA)
Constructed wetland research project - extending detention, scour protection and early warning system in a dual purpose constructed wetland Adrian Tonks (Cooks Costello)
Stormwater management under the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan Colin Cranfield, Alex Colibaba (Harrison Grierson)
Catchment management in the Indian Himalaya Mike Chapman (Harrison Grierson)
Porous concrete pavement : could it be the new permeable pavement? Amelia Cunningham (GHD)
Judges Bay upgrade - award-winning sustainability
Designing for resilience where the only constant is change Rico Parkinson (Opus), Chris Maguire (MWH Global)
NOV Mono extends portfolio to include mixers and agitators
Nu-Way Energy introduces the SP100 air operated double diaphragm pump to New Zealand
Harrison Grierson re-engineers itself

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