Water Journal no. 182 November 2013


President's Column - Sustaining Sustainability Steve Couper
CEO Comment - Reflections on 2013 and the challenges ahead Murray Gibb
Wasted on water Sam Judd (Young New Zealander of the Year)
Clean water initiative for low-lying Pacific islands
Obituary - David Gladstone Downey
Fluoride imperative to oral good health
New water source for Raetihi given all clear
Conquering extreme turbidity Mike Charteris (Hauraki DC), Iain Rabbitts, Nicky Smallberger (Harrison Grierson)
A further update on legislation amendments and an analysis of the Horizons One Plan High Court decision Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison Shaw (Atkins Holm Majurey)
Tahuna WWTP - an innovative conversion of primary sedimentation tanks to the high rate activated sludge process R W Bouman, H E Archer (CH2M Beca), B Turner (Dunedin CC)
Water quality issues and management solutions of an iconic urban lake Rebecca Bibby (Beca)
Development of Auckland's demand management plan Roseline Klein (Watercare), Charlotte Reed (Tonkin & Taylor), Jonathan Reed (CH2M Beca)
Annual report on drinking water standards Ministry of Health
Christchurch rebuild brings daily challenges
SmartRaft - a solution for waterway restoration
Fluent Solutions: a tight team with a proud tradition

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