Water Journal no. 181 September 2013


President's Column - The fluoride debate Steve Couper
CEO Comment - The role of membership organisations in standards Murray Gibb
$7.9 million to improve drinking water in small communities
Water industry workshop - resource consent consistency issues Nick Walmsley (Water NZ)
Primary Industry Training Organisation cements first successful year with fresh new brand
Labour releases draft policy
RMA Reforms and reporting Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison Shaw (Atkins Holm Majurey)
Action on fresh water management Phil Gurnsey (Beca)
Using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling to evaluate and optimise the performance of chlorine contact tanks Jonathan Church, Jason Colton (h2ope)
Seasonal variation in sewers, how it can affect your perception of system performance Thomas Joseph (AWT Water)
New Zealand rainfall and runoff Mark Pennington (Tonkin & Taylor)
Asset optimisation saves operating costs and defers capex Rainer Hoffman, Kevin McDonnell, Charles Mellish (MWH), Marion Sheldon (Tauranga CC)
Water 20/20 - bringing smart water networks into focus Colin Walsby (Sensus)
China thinks long-term as more Landia pumps and mixers head to the magic city of Guilin
Environmentally friendly sewage reticulation systems gaining ground in New Zealand
BECA appointments
MWH Global bolsters water treatment capability
Portavo by Knick : the first portable analyser for memosens

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