Water Journal no. 180 July 2013


President's Column - Don’t mention the "S" word Steve Couper
CEO Comment - Improving water services Murray Gibb
Water Environment Federation (WEF) report - June 2013 Garry Macdonald (WEF Board member)
Government invests $2.4 million to clean up Kopeopeo Canal
Board of Inquiry to consider Tukituki catchment proposal
Local Government reform update Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison Shaw (Atkins Holm Majurey)
Climate change - the challenge for New Zealand Hon Tim Groser (Minister of Trade and Minister for Climate Change Issues)
Kalkallo (Merrifield) stormwater harvesting and re-use project overview Matthew Bismark (Beca), Francis Pamminger (Yarra Valley Water)
Managing fish passage in the Hikurangi swamp land drainage and flood protection scheme Conal Summers (Whangarei DC)
Overland flow path depression mapping for the Auckland region Josh Irvine, Nick Brown (Auckland Council)
Smart solutions for understanding simple systems Paul King, Andrew Ironmonger (Opus)
Assessing uncertainty in estimates of urban river flow using theoretical methods Mark Groves (Opus)
Hamilton City's water-sensitive future Ian McComb (Hamilton CC)
$10 million water upgrade averts economic loss for drought-stricken Hauraki Plains farmers
A high-tech bike helps Hutt City understand its assets Steve Hutchison (MWH)
The right product at the right time in the right place
Hach launches DR900 handheld colorimeter

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