Water Journal no. 179 May 2013


President's Column - Initiative needed to attract younger members Steve Couper
CEO Comment - To irrigate or not Murray Gibb
Changing Currents - Water New Zealand's annual conference
Government to invest an additional $3 million to protect Lake Taupo water quality
Backflow conference 2013 - Conference report
Advisory group urges big shake-up of local government water services
Water meters "worth a look" - Tremaine
Reform of the management of natural and physical resources underway Helen Atkins, Vicki Morrison Shaw (Atkins Holm Majurey)
Government releases freshwater proposals
Freshwater reforms and big changes for the RMA Peter Whitehouse (Water New Zealand)
Freshwater changes show promise - Commissioner for the Environment
Water policy : regional councils ready to bring expertise to the table
Water reforms wet the lips of Federated Farmers
The Green response - how much water to go under the bridge before action taken?
Advancing the framework for managing freshwater quality in New Zealand Alex Jepson (Opus)
Infrastructure resilience - an alternative to stormwater ponds Andres Roa, Jack Turner, Gred Edwards (AR Civil Consulting), Chris Stumbles, Tom Mansell (Auckland Council)
Roof-collected rainwater consumption and health Stan Abbott, Brian Caughley (Massey University)
Preventative measures and corrective actions for safe water harvesting Stan Abbott (Massey University)
Emergency water services planning for Wellington Steve Hutchison (MWH), Gary O'Meara (Capacity)
Greywater : a resource being used more than we thought? Vanessa Burton, Alma Siggins, Jacqui Horswell (ESR), Craig Ross (Landcare Research), Hamish Lowe (Lowe Environmental Impact)
Monitoring, predicting, preventing and controlling of (toxic) cyanobacteria blooms in lakes and reservoirs Lisa Maria Brand (LG Sound)
Sontek FlowTracker takes mountain stream in its stride
Friatec announces appointment
Microvi and MWH Global partner on large-scale water and wastewater projects in Asia-Pacific

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