Resource Consent Consistency Project


In 2013, Water New Zealand ran two workshops to canvas the question, Can Greater Consistency be Achieved in Practices Associated with Establishing Compliance with Discharge Consents?

The 1st workshop was attended by 86 attendees including utility owners, managers and advisers, and industry representatives. The 2nd workshop was held with the Regional Council Consent Managers Group. Both workshops gained agreement that both the process and conditions could and should be improved.

These were the initial stages of a project to achieve greater consistency in establishing compliance with discharge consents; both to protect the environment and reduce the effort and costs of administering consents. The project has been on hold since 2013 due to resourcing challenges.

The project is being reinvigorated in 2017-18. Water New Zealand is developing an issues and options paper that will build on the issues raised at the earlier workshops and consider what has changed since 2013. A set of discussion questions will be identified and the intent is to workshop these with interested parties in 2018.

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Proceedings from the Resource Consent Consistency Workshop meeting held on 23 August 2013

Water New Zealand Introduction - Nick Walmsley
Point source discharge consents: costly, unachievable, inflexible and inconsistent. What a mix! - Steve Couper, Sarah Sunnich - AWT
Consent Consistency- Method of Measurement Defining Compliance - John Crawford OPUS
Percentile Standards: Rationale, Implementation and a Few Misconceptions - Graham McBride - NIWA
Inappropriate setting of measurements without understanding the instrument accuracy or measurement protocols - Roger Hardy – Scott Tech Instruments
Problems with consent limits for small wastewater treatment plants - John Harding - MoH
Significant adverse effects … what does it all mean? - Rob Green - PNCC
Why consent land treatment systems? - Hamish Lowe - LEI Workshop Questions

Notes from the August 2013 Meeting

Additional notes from the August 2013 Meeting

Proceedings from the Consent Management meeting held on 7 November 2013

Outcomes from the Resource Consent Consistency Workshop held August 2013

Response from Consent Managers Group