COVID-19 Updates and Information

Water New Zealand answers key questions about how COVID-19 affects your water supply. 

Water New Zealand has collated answers to key questions about the effects of COVID-19 on your water supply. Read more here. 

Visit for more information relating to COVID-19. 

17 August 2020

New responsibilities under level Two and Three

Construction protocols for working under Alert Level 2 and 3 have been updated in light of new COVID-19 restrictions. Civil Contractors New Zealand highlights what you need to know.

13 August 2020

In light of the situation around the community spread of COVID-19, MBIE has reinstated the all-of-government Covid-19 response group that was in action earlier this year. DIA is chairing the local government response and Water New Zealand is assisting with ensuring strong and close connection to the water sector.

Please feel free to contact Noel Roberts if there is a three waters COVID-19 issue that needs to be escalated.

12 June 2020

Italy's pandemic response addition for Water Safety Plans

19 May 2020

Updated Water and COVID-19 FAQs 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The update contains guidance for the following questions:
• Is the virus that causes COVID-19 found in feces (stool)?
• Can the virus that causes COVID-19 spread through sewerage systems?
• Should wastewater workers take extra precautions to protect themselves from the virus that causes COVID-19?

14 May 2020 

WSMG Webinar documents

View the agenda here.

View the PowerPoint presentation here.

Find a copy of Masks suppliers here.

7 May 2020 

Persistence of Coronavirus on Surfaces

The Journal of Hospital Infection has published an analysis of coronavirus incubation times and the effectiveness of surface disinfection procedures. 

23 April 2020

COVID-19 Guidance for Legionella and Building Water System Closures 

WSMG Webinar documents 

Water Industry - Agile Procurement Strategy 

Marlborough DC Procurement Focus Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Marlborough DC Procurement Guide Attachment 2

Wellington Water - Our Service Delivery Model 

Washington State Department of Health - COVID-19 Guidance for Legionella and Building Water System Closures

The focus of this guidance is to reduce Legionella growth and other pathogen and corrosion concerns that occur when there is a large drop in building water use. The guidance focuses on potable water systems inside larger buildings with complex plumbing and the information is general in nature. Each building is different and will require different actions based on its plumbing systems, use patterns, and source of water supply.

Ministry for the Environment's campaign encouraging New Zealanders to bin wet wipes 

Water New Zealand is welcoming the Ministry for the Environment's new campaign encouraging New Zealanders to bin wet wipes – rather than flushing them down the toilet.

The Ministry has launched the campaign as part of the Government’s overall effort to address the impacts of COVID-19. 

21 April 2020

Your Guide to Perfect PPE

CHASNZ and The New Zealand Construction Industry Council (NZCIC) have teamed up to provide you with a document on how to safely put on and take off your PPE equipment on site. Make sure you’re following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements by following these steps. This poster can be printed for use at your place of business.

17 April 2020

New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols

These protocols and attachments are to be read in conjunction with the COVID-19 – Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations and reflect how the requirements in the standard may be achieved. Individual businesses and operations may need to adapt the protocols to their specific circumstances but the overall intent of the standard should still be applied in all cases. These protocols are expected to develop and evolve as requirements change from government and industry experience and are to be treated as working documents.

Ensuring the Safety of your Building Water System Post COVID-19 Lockdown 

As Covid 19 Alert levels drop, it is important to ensure the safety of your building water systems before occupancy resumes.

16 April 2020

Watercare proposed Changes if alert Level 4 is reduced to Level 3

All work areas below should only be progressed if they can be completed safely in the COVID-19 environment and appropriate safe operating protocols are in place

14 April 2020

IWA Information resources on water and COVID-19

Information is key. Here IWA provide links to some of the leading and most respected sources to help support understanding and discussion at this crucial time.

Reduce the spread of COVID-19 - Wash your hands Infographic

The Public Health Agency of Canada has published an infographic on the best practice for washing your hands to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The infographic includes two very important steps: Dry hands well with a paper towel as germs spread more easily from wet skin than from dry and to turn off the tap using a paper towel to reduce the spreading of the virus. 

Download Here.

9 April 2020

Water Services Updates & Issues Webinar documents - 9 April 2020: 

7 April 2020

COVID-19 Webinar: Significance and impact of the pandemic for the water sector.

Duration: 1 hour 


  • Prof Rosina Girones (Dean of the facility of Biology at the University of Barcelona)
  • Prof Gertjan Medema (Principal Microbiologist at the Watercycle Research Institute, Netherlands)

The conclusions from the presentations are provided here.

6 April 2020

Bin it, Don't block it!

Water New Zealand has prepared a social media infographic emphasising the importance keeping our emergency workers are safe by keeping pipes free from wipes. Only flush the 3p's: poo, pee and toilet paper, everything else, including paper towels, and tissues must go in the bin.

3 April 2020

MOH portal for non-health essential services to request PPE 

MOH now have a portal for non-health essential services to request PPE from the national reserve supply. Note at this stage it is only face masks available through this channel. The portal is available  here.     

 COVID-19 Essential Workers Guidance 

Water Services Association of Australia and Dr Dan Deere have produced this guidance material for keeping essential workers safe in the workplace. 

Trojan UV - COVID-19 & Water 

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, questions about the virus’s potential transmission and/or persistence in drinking water and wastewater are being asked.

2 April 2020

Water Services Updates & Issues Presentations

31 March 2020

How to stay COVID free at a WRRF

The Water Environment Federation has created an infographic on "How to stay COVID free at a Waste Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)" also known as a Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

27 March 2020

Ministry of Health guidance on PPE and cleaning 

Ministry of Health has provided guidance on cleaning rooms/facilities following suspected, probably, or confirmed case of COVID-19, as well as guidance on face masks and hygiene and how to use PPE if required. 

26 March 2020 

Widespread toilet blockage fear through COVID-19

Plea to stop flushing wipes - COVID-19 has led to a big spike in wipes flushing. This risks overwhelming wastewater emergency operators and could mean widespread toilet blockages around the country.

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Waste Management for the COVID-19 virus

To support water and sanitation practitioners and providers, as well as health-care professionals, the World Health Organisation has recently published a technical brief, “Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for COVID-19".

COVID-19 Identifying essential services staff

Advice from Police in terms of identification for workers delivering essential services is there is not 'official' or standard identification card. Police will take a reasonable approach and endeavor to confirm the role of anyone spoken to. 

12 March 2020 

Coronavirus panic causing unprecedented blockages in Auckland's Sewage System