Winter Base Engineer: Water

Antarctica New Zealand

About us

Antarctica New Zealand is a Crown Entity established on 1 July 1996 under the New Zealand Antarctic Institute Act to develop, manage and execute New Zealand’s activities in respect of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Our key activities include facilitating scientific research in Antarctica, protection of the environment and raising public awareness of the global significance of the continent and surrounding the Southern Ocean.

Antarctica New Zealand operates in a hazardous environment.  The management of safety and risk are critical to achieving the New Zealand Antarctic programme objectives.  The highest standards of environmental care and responsibility are required in all tasks.

Role Purpose

To safely operate and maintain the facilities and engineering equipment at Scott Base, with a focus on water production, water reticulation and wastewater treatment.

Work of Role

  • Fulfil accountabilities as documented in the Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems including proactive management of risks and resources to prevent harm.
  • Use our asset management software (Smart Asset) to plan, execute and record all routine and non-routine maintenance or improvement work is undertaken.
  • Perform daily operational tasks and data collection for the water production (Reverse Osmosis Plant) and wastewater treatment plant facilities, including documentation of readings and observations.
  • Observe all necessary hygiene procedures when working with wastewater treatment or wastewater reticulation equipment.
  • Protect the potable water supply from contamination by using correct hygiene and disinfection processes, regularly inspecting water production assets and participating in risk identification and mitigation tasks.
  • Conduct routine health and environmental testing of water and wastewater at Scott Base; facilitate independent testing and report on test results.
  • Routine servicing of water and wastewater pumps and tanks and kitchen equipment
  • Use Discovery (our document management system) to create and maintain accurate and complete electronic records of all work activities.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  • Update and maintain records of spares and materials used/held and assist with the procurement of replacement items.
  • Act as Duty Engineer on a rostered basis (usually one week in three).
  • Assist other engineering team members as required, including but not limited to completing the Power Engineer’s daily rounds.
  • Support visiting contractors with asset maintenance and servicing work.
  • Identify opportunities for process or system improvement and communicate these to the Engineering Supervisor.
  • Proactively contributes to the overall base community.
  • Rostered duties on the Scott Base Fire Crew and other base tasks as required.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Engineering Supervisor.

Key Challenges

  • Continually maintaining hygiene standards around water production and wastewater treatment to ensure personal safety and the safety of the community.
  • Maintenance of engineering facilities that operate in a harsh environment.
  • Working in challenging climatic conditions while continually considering environmental impacts.
  • Participation in an on-call Duty Engineer roster and being able to respond to emerging issues at any time.
  • Ability to maintain a positive outlook while under pressure and responding to rapidly changing priorities.
  • Maintaining motivation and work quality (including repetitive tasks) 6 days a week for up to 13 months.
  • Resilience to living in a small communal environment for up to 13 months (e.g. shared rooms, communal bathrooms etc).
  • The location may place pressure on the physical and mental well-being of the incumbent, the incumbent’s family and other close relationships.

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