Environmental Sustainability Project Award

This award recognises outstanding sustainability initiatives in the water industry through the delivery of a project that prioritises sustainable resource use and the needs of the wider environment.

How to enter:

  • Entering could not be simpler - just complete each section of the form supplied.


  • The project should either be ongoing or completed within the last 12 months as of 20 August 2022.

What to include:

Please note that your entry should be no more than 1,000 words.

  •  Provide a brief outline of the project, how it originated, and its objectives. (200 words)
  • Who were the key players in the project? E.g., How was the wider community/ Iwi involved, how did clients and contractors work together to deliver its success. (200 words)
  • Explain how this project contributes to a more environmentally sustainable future? How does it go beyond existing best practice? What makes it stand out from other projects in the industry? (300 words) E.g., reduced material use, reduce carbon footprint, exceptional environmental restoration.
  • What benefits have been achieved directly from this project? What have been the wider co-benefits? (200 words)
  • What is the potential for this project to be replicated elsewhere? (100 words)
  • Please upload:
    - Hi-resolution photos x 3
    - Supporting documents x2 (Optional)


  • The winner of this award will receive a significant prize, including a suitable trophy, cash or in-kind goods or services.

Submitting a nomination: 

Click here to submit a nomination

  • Award nominations open on 11 July 2022. 

    Judging Process

    • The judging will be conducted by a panel of industry professionals.
    • The judges reserve the right to not offer the award depending on the quality of entries.  The judges' decision will be final.