Stormwater Professional of the Year

This award is to recognise an individual within the wider stormwater community that has made a significant contribution to the New Zealand stormwater industry.

The key attributes of a nomination that will be reviewed are:

  • Contribution to industry leadership and advocacy that advances stormwater infrastructure and management within New Zealand.
  • Demonstration of the ability to develop, articulate and implement changes in the stormwater industry.
  • Contribution to the industry and displays a commitment to community or cross-sectoral outreach.
  • Peer and wider recognition in relevant communities.
  • Demonstration of high standards of ethical and personal behaviour.

The award is open to individuals who have made a notable impact on the New Zealand stormwater industry with a minimum of five years’ work or research experience, and over 31 years of age on the closing date of applications.  The candidate does not have to be a Water New Zealand member.

Nominations will be assessed based on the following information:

  • Cover letter (1 page) as evidence of achieving the key attributes listed above.
  • Curriculum Vitae (2 pages)
  • Two supporting statements (500 words max each) written by peers of the candidate who work in the stormwater industry.
    • Statement should reference back to the key attributes above.
    • Ideally one statement from the employer of the candidate and the second statement could be from a colleague, a Water New Zealand board member, or client.
    • Must include contact details of sponsors (phone and e-mail)
  • Supporting documentation (optional) – may include articles, media, conferences presented and relevant websites. Limited to a maximum of six pages.

2022 nomination details will be available soon. 

Stormwater Professional of Year Previous Winners

  • 2022 - Nick Brown
  • 2021 – Mike Hannah
  • 2020 – Clare Feeney
  • 2019 – Mark Pennington
  • 2018 – Bronwyn Rhynd
  • 2017 – Allan Leahy
  • 2016 – Peter Mitchell