Small Suppliers

Small Suppliers 

Acceptable Solutions - Taumata Arowai has published a series of draft acceptable solutions for roof water suppliers and rural agricultural suppliers including springs and bores. 

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Unregistered water suppliers will have up to four years to register their drinking water supplies with Taumata Arowai and up to seven years to provide a Drinking Water Safety Plan or comply with an Acceptable Solution.

Rather than approving DWSPs, Taumata Arowai will be reviewing the plans that we receive. Reviews will be prioritised based on the scale, complexity and risk of each supply. They will give feedback and verify the content of the plans.
It is acceptable to continue using the planning format provided by the Ministry of Health, however, there will be some updates needed to meet the requirements of the Water Services Act 2021. Taumata Arowai is preparing guidance on risk management, drinking water safety planning and source water risk management planning. This will be available before the end of the year. The guidance will include templates that can be used for smaller drinking water supplies. 

Under the Water Services Act, you'll now be responsible for ensuring compliance and for working with labs to organise sampling schedules. HinekĊrako has been designed to receive and store notifications and contact details but not to manage supplies or schedule sampling. It is not a replacement for Drinking Water Online.  If you have any questions or issues regarding DWO  contact the Ministry of Health who are responsible for the platform. Email 

There are no Drinking Water Assessors under the Water Services Act. In the past, a Drinking Water Assessor (DWA) may have been your first point of contact for any issues regarding the safety of your water. These roles have not been carried over into the Water Services Act.

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