Special Interest Groups

Water New Zealand facilitates and is actively involved in a number of water groups in the water sector.


Our Special Interest Groups bring together members with the same interests to liaise, share and solve problems, promote their fields of interest, distribute information, encourage discussion and develop and maintain industry standards and policies.

Our Groups bring together people across a number of organisations to work together to achieve common goals, provide cohesive information or comprehensive input on, for example, policy.


The single biggest pool of collective knowledge on backflow in New Zealand and represents all aspects of the backflow industry.

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Climate Change

Works at the intersection of water and climate change with a focus on the development of a low carbon pathway for the New Zealand water industry.

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Promotes and supports industry best practice in water modelling through education, events, and guidelines.

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Onsite Wastewater Management Systems (OWMS)

Encompasses interest in all aspects of on-site domestic wastewater systems through to small community wastewater servicing and includes the use of natural systems such as waste stabilisation ponds, constructed wetlands and land treatment processes in managing small wastewater flows within the environment.

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Smart Water Infrastructure

Brings together water asset managers, operators, vendors, consultants and academics to promote the use of smart meters, IoT Sensors, data analytics and digital innovation to improve the New Zealand water sector.

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Provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of stormwater system management in an urban context and assists in the definition and promotion of best industry practice for stormwater management within Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Water Efficiency Conservation Network (We Can)

Water is life. This special interest group exists to lead the national conversation on water efficiency and conservation. Membership consists of professionals working across the water infrastructure supply chain including network managers and operators, consultants, contractors and suppliers.

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