The Water New Zealand Modelling Special Interest Group caters to all people involved or interested in Modelling in the water industry. The group is co-ordinated by an enthusiastic management committee which meets regularly to discuss promotion and support of industry best practice in water modelling through education, events, and guidelines.

The Modelling Special Interest Group facilitates events to provide education, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. Our premier event is an annual modelling symposium. Follow the links in the Get Involved section to be notified of this, and other, upcoming events.


The Water New Zealand Modelling Special Interest Group aims to;

  • Provide a forum for discussion between users of planning and management tools in the areas of stormwater, wastewater (reticulation and treatment), surface water (piped stormwater and rivers), groundwater and water supply (reticulation and treatment) and the coastal environment.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between relevant organisations including operating and regulating organisations and other interested or experienced bodies.
  • Identify areas of improvement in the use of models as planning tools and their application through research and previous experience of the group.
  • Provide a mechanism through Water New Zealand for promoting excellence in the use of models as planning tools in the industry.
  • Organise symposium and other meetings to fulfil the Group's objectives.
  • Report on progress and activities of the Group through Water New Zealand.


Best practice guidelines

The Modelling Group has developed these guidelines to provide an overview of the stages involved and principles of “Good Modelling Practice”. The guides are intended as resources for anyone involved in water supply modelling projects – managers, designers, operational and planning engineers, consultants and others.

Stormwater modelling guidelines are currently under development. Follow instructions at the ‘Get Involved’ Section to register your interest in contributing.

Modelling symposium papers

Papers presented at our annual modelling symposium are available through the Water New Zealand knowledge base, accessible here.


The Modelling Special Interest Group’s full Terms of Reference are here.


To register your interest in joining the committee: Contact our Group’s co-ordinator Katrina Guy.

Chair: Fiona Macdonald

Modelling Committee