Water Efficiency Conservation Network (We Can)


Water is life. In Māori culture, many tribes directly or indirectly consider water as the source or foundation of all life. The public are becoming more aware of the value of water with mainstream media highlighting water supply and demand issues around the country on at least a weekly basis.

Our groups mission is to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing across the New Zealand water industry and develop tools and practices for improving water use and efficiency. We do this in a variety of ways:


The Water New Zealand We Can Special Interest Group aims:

  • To build a community of water industry professionals working in water efficiency and conservation nationwide
  • To encourage industry collaboration and knowledge sharing on water efficiency and conservation technologies and initiatives through webinars and workshops, for example share case studies on leak detection technologies, both successes and failures.
  • To improve the benchmarking of water efficiency in New Zealand.
  • To consider the Te Ao Māori (Māori world view) and advocate for its inclusion in water use and conservation planning.
  • To advocate the water efficiency to be effectively embedded in urban water policy, planning, land use planning, building and development requirements.
  • To foster initiatives that grow an appreciation of the value of water.


The Water Conservation & Efficiency Network Special Interest Group’s full Terms of Reference are here.


To register your interest in joining the committee: Contact our Group’s co-ordinator Katrina Guy.

Chair: Christine McCormack