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  • share the broad and overlapping education/training programmes that are currently in development.
  • identify where there is overlap and where gaps may exist.
  • seek input from the industry on key questions which can inform an overall stormwater education and training plan.

A simple survey was undertaken to inform the discussions - a copy of the forum outcomes and survey results can be found here.

2018 Stormwater Education and Training Forum and Survey Results.pdf

Auckland Unitary Plan Implementation Workshop 2017

See below presentations from the pre-conference workshop held alongside the 2017 Stormwater Conference. The purpose of this workshop was to provide an overview of the stormwater provisions contained within the Auckland Unitary Plan (Operative in part) (AUP(OP)). It also provided an overview of guidance developed to support a transparent and consistent application and experience of the AUP(OP) provisions for applicants, their agents, and their specialists.

Auckland Unitary Plan Implementation: Stormwater Management - Dr. Claudia Hellberg (Wai Ora Strategic Planning Manager – Healthy Waters)

Water Sensitive Design and the Auckland Unitary Plan Implementation Part 2 - Katja Huls

Auckland Unitary Plan Implementation: Stormwater Management Approach - Nick Vigar (Waterways Planning Team Manager – Healthy Waters)

Auckland Unitary Plan - Part 3: Floodplains and Overland Flow Paths

Water Journal

The Stormwater Group actively encourages contributions to the Water New Zealand Water Journal. Technical and general stormater news items across the industry are welcome. Please see this as an opportunity to share knowledge, educate and showcase yourself, your organisations, customers and stakeholders. Everyone is welcome to contribute articles of industry relevance for publication consideration. Find out when the next deadline for submitting articles is here.

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