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SWANS-SIG On-site Wastewater Publications

SWANS Group has produced two booklets for use by homeonwers and occupiers of dwellings in unsewered areas to better understand issues around providing and maintaining an effective on-site wastewater service.

The booklets may be downloaded from Water New Zealand's knowledge base for use by members of the public, or re-printed and distributed by councils for information of property developers and rural ratepayers.

On-Site NewZ

On-Site NewZ is a newsletter and information service for the on-site domestic wastewater industry in New Zealand. It began as a quarterly newsletter in 1996 to provide update information on design practice and new technologies as a support service to users of TP 58, the Auckland Regional Councils 1994 design manual for On-site Wastewater Disposal from Households and Institutions. As well as producing four issues of the newsletter each year, On-Site NewZ has provided from time to time a range of special reports dealing with summaries of conference proceedings/discussions, and coverage of latest information on technical issues related to on-site wastewater servicing.

As of January 2012 On-Site NewZ has converted to a blog. The blog site will publish regular news and information updates and store PDF copies of On-Site NewZ as published over the last 16 years.

Follow the On-Site NewZ blog here.

On-Site NewZ Information Services also maintains a Directory of Manufacturers/Suppliers of On-site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants. This Directory lists those companies supplying residential domestic wastewater treatment units in the NZ market, and indicates which systems have undergone performance testing at the Rotorua based OSET NTP.

Download the directory

On-Site NewZ is affiliated with SWANS-SIG through support of SWANS-SIGs on-site wastewater activities. Contact person is Ian Gunn , On-Site NewZ Editor.


Produced by members of the SWANS Group. Read the latest edition:

And past editions:

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