About Us

Water New Zealand

Promoting and enabling the sustainable management and development of the water environment

Water New Zealand is a national not-for-profit sector organisation comprising approximately 1900 corporate and individual members in New Zealand and overseas. Water New Zealand is the principal voice for the water sector, focusing on the sustainable management and promotion of the water environment and encompassing the three waters : drinking water, waste and storm waters.

The Organisation
Water New Zealand is the premier New Zealand organisation for environmental management professionals. It is a non-profit technical and educational organisation with approximately 1900 members in New Zealand and overseas. This nationwide network of members represents many disciplines; physical and social sciences, public health, engineering, law and management. Water New Zealand attracts decision makers and technologists from central and local government, industry, the academic and research communities, consultants and service/equipment supply organisations, who exchange information about water and wastes issues.

The expertise and experience of Water New Zealand's membership is harnessed through an interlocking framework of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which are open to all members for participation. Water New Zealand membership also offers professional development and networking opportunities, discounts to its conferences and seminars, access to regular Association publications, and more. Founded in 1958, Water New Zealand intends to continue to play a leading role in the management and development of strategies for the three waters in its next half century.

A core priority for Water New Zealand is sector leadership and advocacy. Water New Zealand makes submissions on behalf of members to Parliament on issues that relate to the fundamentals in the Vision Statement - promoting and enabling the sustainable management and development of the water environment. Other priorities include skills development and training, and membership support, including the advancement of knowledge and best practice.