MCDEM Sector Coordinating Entity - 3-Waters Sector

Water New Zealand has been asked by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) to chair the Sector Coordinating Entity (SCE) for the 3-Waters sector. The objectives of an SCE are:

  • Effective management of emergency situations that impact national and regional water (drinking, storm and waste)
  • The mitigation of threats to the public
  • Keep government informed of the developing situation

The SCE proposal was put to the Water Services Managers Group Committee at the last meeting and it was decided that Noel Roberts from Water New Zealand would be the nominated contact, with support coming from the WSMG committee members.

In order for SCE to work a comprehensive register of emergency contacts is required. Water New Zealand's WSMG membership list is the closest fit we have for the likely participants in the case of emergency utilities. We ask that you supply contact details for your organisation in case of a civil defence emergency and if possible a standby contact (see table below).

Background to Sector Coordinating Entities

For the 3-Waters sector, the only way MCDEM currently has to be aware of escalating issues is via one of the 16 regional Lifeline groups. Water New Zealand is a member of the National Lifelines Committee. For some utilities, the chair of the SCE’s are obvious i.e. Chorus for communication; NZTA for transport; Transpower for the power industry, etc.

An SCE role does not replace the need for Lifelines. The need to coordinate the interaction between differing utilities at a local level will always be required. Where the SCE adds additional value is:

  • Coordinating a response if an event affects multiple water utilities and a single common water contact is required.
  • Assisting water utilities in an emergency with locating resources i.e. personnel, specific pipe fittings, emergency chemical dosing.
  • Passing logistics information on to MCDEM, (i.e X pallet of equipment is located Y (collectively supplied from these water utilities), which needs to be delivered to Z location along with these personnel).
  • Technical liaison to MCDEM, (i.e implications of running out of chemicals results in a boil water notice and possible influx of health issues so this truck needs to be in the next convoy; or, implications of a tertiary wastewater facility without power for 8 hours or more).

The activation of the SCE would be by requested from any of the following when an emergency has or will likely have a major effect on the public:

  • National Crisis Management Centre (Beehive) Lifeline Utility Coordinator
  • MCDEM Duty Officer
  • Lifelines Controller (National or Regional)

Emergency Contact Register

Please provide the following information to Water New Zealand:

Contacts Organisation Contact Name Job Role Email Mobile

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Noel Roberts,