Association Medal

Association Medal Criteria

(revised and ratified by the Board in February 2011)

1. The Association Medal is awarded at the discretion of the Board to a New Zealand citizen who has made an outstanding contribution to the water industry and the Association within their life. It can only be awarded to a single person in any one year and is unlikely to be awarded every year.

2. A submission for an Association Medal would initially be made to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee would make the recommendation to the Board. The final decision of awarding the medal would be solely at the discretion of the Board.

3. The following criteria shall be reviewed by the Board in reaching a decision to make the award that appraises the extent of the person's contribution to the protection of public health of communities or the protection of water resources.

  • The person's contribution to the commercial success of industries and businesses that service the water industry in New Zealand and elsewhere.
  • The person's contribution to the development and/or application of technology, education, publications and documents that advances the management of the water infrastructure and water resources in New Zealand.
  • The person's contribution to leadership and advocacy that advances water resource and water infrastructure management in New Zealand.
  • The person's voluntary contribution outside their working life to the protection of public health and water resources for communities in New Zealand and/or overseas.
  • The person's contribution to the activities of the Association.

4. In order to retain the exclusivity and esteem of this award, there will only be a very limited number of living holders of the Association Medal at any one time.

The Medal will be presented at a ceremony that provides an opportunity for Association members to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of the recipient.

Recipients of this Award

Anthony Wilson
63rd Annual Conference Awards Dinner 2021
Garry MacDonald
60th Annual Conference Awards Dinner 2018
Graham McBride
58th Annual Conference Awards Dinner 2016

Boyd Miller
56th Annual Conference Awards Dinner 2014
Ian Gunn
54th Annual Conference Awards Dinner 2012
Graeme Thacker
45th Annual Conference 2003
Dr Michael Taylor
42th Annual Conference 2000