Poster of the Year

The Poster of the Year Award was first presented in 2000 and provides an avenue for presentation of information on initial findings of work that has been commenced, as well as work from completed projects. The Award affords a unique opportunity for authors wanting to share their knowledge or experiences through the medium of display posters at the Conference. Posters are marked by the Technical Committee.

Each eligible poster is marked against following five criteria:

  • Technical Content
  • Practical Content
  • Future Use
  • Clarity and Logic
  • Poster Author response to questions (Scored Zero if Author not in attendance)

Entry Criteria

Entries are welcome on any topic of relevance to the water industry, with entries from students particularly encouraged.

The deadline for poster summaries for the 2020 award is Friday, 14 August and entries must be submitted through the portal held on the Water New Zealand Conference website. 


The winner will receive a cash prize.


If you are interested in sponsoring this award, please contact

2019 Recipient 

Hugh Blake-Manson, Listening to the reflections in the dark

Past Recipients of this Award




2018 Hugh Blake-Manson, L Stephens The Real Deal - IOT
2017 Oliver Gibson, RDCL How Can Wireline Geophysics Assist The Water Industry
2016 Su Young, Coral-Lee Ertel, Aaron Falconer Telling the story of the Katikati Wastewater Model
2015 Lee Bint Commercial Rainwater & Greywater Feasibility - Preliminary Findings
2014 Ondrej Janku Waste Water Pumping Stations - an Emergency Assessment
2013 John McCann, Razin Mahmud, Rosanne Simpson, Robert White and Dave Dixon Backfilling Redundant Pipe Under Critical Rail Infrastructure
2012 Sally Dymond The Sky, The Sea and Me Improving the Connection Between Urban Populations and Their Three Waters
2011 Jo-Anne Cavanagh Predicting and Managing Water Quality Impacts of Mining on Streams in New Zealand
2010 Lee Bint, Robert Vale and Nigel Isaacs Water use in Wellington and Auckland office buildings.
2009 Lee Bint Water and Building Performance indicators for commercial office buildings in New Zealand.
2008 Michel Van der Schyff, Sanjay Kumarasigham, Kristi Biswas and Susan Turner Effects on Plant performance during a bloom of oligochaete population.
2007 Nicci Wood of Wellington City Council Practical as well as pretty How Waitangi Park wetlands treat Stormwater and protect the Harbour.
2006 Paul Barter Development of a protocol for DIY circulation studies using GPS lagrangian drifters for improving oxidation pond performances.
2005 No Award
2004 No Award
2003 Sadeq Zaman of Sydney Water Corporation Wastewater system management using simulation and optimisation modelling.
2002 Garry Cruickshank Application of two-phase flow centrifugal pump in wastewater treatment facilities.
2001 Gillian Worth, D Singleton, K Brown and P Robinson of LincLab HotRot composting trails with municipal grip and rag.
2000 SB Lindsey and JE McGrath of AgResearch, Land and Development Management Using electrolyte respirometry to determine biodegradability of meat processing wastewater.