Climate Change

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Climate Change Group (Jon Reed)

This is the first report of the Climate Change group. The idea for the group was developed late in 2019 and a kick-off event was held at Beca's Auckland office in February with over 80 members present. The event was a success, with 3 speakers (Chris Thurston [Watercare], Rob Blakemore [Wellington Water] and Noel Roberts [Water New Zealand]). The key issues raised by the audience included:


  • Education by sharing knowledge and training
  • Share good news stories!
  • Consistency with carbon accounting and analyses
  • Need reliable benchmarks to enable us to identify where to focus
  • Consistent methods for measuring performance based on local factors
  • Community engagement
  • Build on the increasing awareness of the value of water

Following the meeting, a steering group was set up with approximately 12 members who represent suppliers / contractors, clients and consultants. Following the first meeting the following topics/areas were identified for work by sub-groups:

  • Purpose - a small group will aim to identify a clear purpose for this group
  • Development of a low carbon pathway for the New Zealand water industry
  • Benchmarking - link to the national performance review and how the carbon can be integrated
  • Water New Zealand conference - aim to hold a workshop as part of the next conference to focus on zero carbon
  • Webinars - identify 2 or more webinars per year to promote what this group is working on
  • COVID benefits to carbon - capture benefits and how we can identify carbon benefits out of the fiscal stimulus package

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