SWIG Webinar: Smart Metering - Water Quality Integration


We are fortunate to have Irmana Sampedro, Christchurch City Councils Project Manager - Smart Water Network and Jon Visser, from Ports of Otago on behalf of Dunedin City Council, presenting to us on their smart water metering approach.

Christchurch City Council and Ports of Otago have a significant smart water metering program underway. There are specific needs driving their approach. These include system wide quality and quantity monitoring and commercial use insight.

We will also have the work stream leads and project sponsor from Christchurch City Council available for Q&A.

Michele McDonald - Project Sponsor

Karn Synder-Bishop - Smart Water Monitoring , Water Quality and bulk flowmeters Technical lead

Craig McCauley - Transients and Leak Detection Technical Lead

Will Rowson - Customer Smart Water Meters Technical Lead

Please join the Smart Water Infrastructure Group (SWIG) for this interactive webinar, facilitated by SWIG Deputy Chair, Hugh Blake-Mason.

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