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How to get your abstract across the line

With more and more calls for abstracts being requested, Clare Feeney and Linda Norman from the Stormwater Education and Training Sub Group, will be running this workshop to give you tips and tricks on how to get your abstract across the line with reviewers.

In 2021 the Stormwater Group created the Water New Zealand Presentation Guide. This will be a series of webinars that will breakdown the guide into bit size pieces.

2023 will see multiple Water New Zealand events with a call for abstracts, so now is the time to ask questions of some leading industry experts.

This webinar is free for everyone to attend.


Clare Feeney

Clare Feeney

Clare Feeney is a speaker on business, economics and the environment. Many years of experience with resource efficiency and waste minimization for manufacturers and environmental controls on big earthworks sites have convinced her that environmental innovation leads to increased levels of productivity, staff and customer satisfaction, smarter and more cost-effective supply chains--and higher profits. The recession has proved it: many companies trimmed their costs in the face of lower sales, and found their profit margins had increased.

Linda Norman

Linda Norman

I have 20 years of experience working within both the public and private sector. I immigrated to New Zealand from the United States in 2006 after 10 years working as an oceanographer and 6 years as an environmental engineer.

I spent my early career analysing 100 years of worldwide tidal data and shoreline change as part of a team assessing global sea level rise for NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Following this I spent 4 years with the United States Geological Survey Seafloor Mapping Group analysing shoreline change in response to sea level rise and the fate of large quantities of contaminates dumped off shore.

After 9 years of working with the United States government I moved to private sector environmental engineering. I have designed the hydraulic restoration of several thousand acres of nationally significant coastal wetlands. I went on to map aquifer contamination resulting from activities on several US Military Bases and large industrial complexes, designing remediation protocol of contaminated groundwater.

During my time at ACH Consulting I have used a multidisciplinary approach to engineering. I am proficient in the Auckland Council accepted modelling software HEC- HMS and HEC RAS and familiar with the requirements for resource consent and land development. I work extensively with both stormwater and wastewater engineering including flood reports, stormwater management plans, on-site effluent treatment and disposal systems. I enjoy low impact design, including wetlands flow through filters and rain-gardens. I generally work closely with landscape architects to complete native planting plans for my design work .