Wet Weather Overflow Containment Guide Webinar


During wet weather, stormwater can make its way into the wastewater network and at times of heavy rainfall, this can exceed the capacity of the sewage network causing wet weather wastewater overflows. Appropriate management of Wet Weather Wastewater Overflows is required to minimise the potential effects on public health, cultural values, and the environment.

To this end the Water Services Managers Group has funded the development of a Good Practice Guide for the management of wet weather wastewater overflows. The Guide provides a common framework for wastewater network service providers centred around the incorporation of Te Mana o te Wai.

The recently released guidelines have been developed by GHD in conjunction with Onewa Consultants. This webinar will provide an introduction to the guide, presented by Sarah Sunich, the guidelines lead author.

You can find the document here