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Stormwater Dunedin Regional Meeting

We have planned one in Dunedin for Monday 5th December 5pm to 7pm at Stantec (Level 10, Otago House, 477 Moray Place, Dunedin). The even will be begin at 5pm with drinks and nibbles and time to catch up with colleagues, with presentations following that.

The presentations will be:

Te Mana o Te Wai and matāuranga principles - Stephanie Dijkstra (Storm Enviromental) Te Mana of Te Wai and matāuranga principles can provide guidance to stormwater practitioners to ensure the design meets ecological and cultural outcomes. Stephanie will talk about how an Ao Māori view of stormwater and how these principles can be integrated into stormwater projects.

Stormwater and growth - Jared Oliver (Dunedin City Council) Jared will talk about the changes to Dunedin's development-related stormwater management in Variation 2 of the Second Generation District Plan.

Apia Stormwater Project - Nick Keenan (Stantec) will present on the design and construction of 10 stormwater systems in central Apia to reduce flooding and build resilience to sea level rise. His presentation will also cover the positive effects that the stormwater project has had on the community.

Please RSVP by November 30th to Peter Christensen


Stephanie Dijkstra

Stephanie Dijkstra

Stephanie is a mātauranga practitioner specialising in environmental outcomes and integration with western science. She is particularly interested in how matāuranga can be incorporated into stormwater management, having cowritten Stormwater Management Plans for Christchurch City Council and provided cultural input into the development of stormwater treatment facilities. She is also a member of the Te Mana o te Wai Water NZ subgroup, informing industry on the integration and implementation of this key piece of legislation.

Jared Oliver

Jared Oliver

Jared is Engineering Services Team Leader at Dunedin City Council. He is a passionate 3 Waters engineer with a broad range of experience in investigation, design, project management, asset management, strategic planning and team leadership. He has a strong knowledge of 3 Waters across planning, delivery and operations.

Nick Keenan

Nick Keenan

Nick has over 20 years of experience as a civil engineer, specialising in surface water projects in NZ and Australia. Nick’s skills include stormwater design, rivers engineering, gravel management plans and structures design including rock armouring and river groyne design.

He is a member of the IPENZ Rivers Group.