Dam Safety Regulations 2022 Webinar

Join Gillian in conversation with Dan Forster and Nicky Hardy of Dam Safety Intelligence to learn about the NEW Building (Dam Safety) Regulations 2022.


Dam Safety Regulations that have been introduced to provide a minimum, consistent and effective risk-based regulatory framework for post-construction dam safety. By attending this webinar water service providers can learn whether they are managing assets that are classifiable dams covered by the regulations and can familiarise themselves with relevant compliance requirements.

The Dam Safety Regulations commence on 13 May 2024, allowing time for Recognised Engineers to be assessed (Chartered Professional Engineer and dam safety competencies), and owners to prepare and certify their Potential Impact Classifications (Low, Medium, High) and Dam Safety Assurance Programmes (required for Medium and High). The regulations also include requirements for dangerous dams, earthquake prone and flood prone dams.