Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology Workshop


Date & Time

This programme has been designed to identify a framework to raise awareness, learning and development pathways and ultimately drive recruitment and attraction strategies to assure river management expertise for the future

Thursday 16 February


Full-day, 8-hour workshop



Council Staff – $200.00 discount

Rivers Group Members - 10% discount

Please mention discount when making the booking.

Where to register

Email Rachael Armstrong -


Key learning outcomes

Familiarity with a series of tools useful for geomorphic analysis in river systems.

NB: Please note this workshop introduces these tools by way of demonstration and does not provide technical specialist instruction.

Key themes

• Conceptual principles: The River Styles Framework

• Leveraging LiDAR and SfM surveys to map rivers’ physical habitat mosaic

• Manual and automated mapping approaches for channel, floodplains, and riparian areas

• Geomorphic Change Detection and NCI (Natural Character Index)

• Sediment transport principles

• 1D and 2D approaches to river morphodynamics

• Network-scale considerations: Geomorphic hotspots

• Mapping catchment connectivity

An overview of readily available Toolkits in Aotearoa New Zealand

  • REC


Ian Fuller, Gary Brierley, Jon Tunnicliffe