Stormwater Conference 2023 - In-Conference Workshops

Planning and Designing Stormwater infrastructure Towards a Zero Carbon


NZ’s progress against the Paris agreement targets has been slow. NZ's plan to reduce emissions is based on the advice from the Climate Change Commission and the Government-developed National Emissions Reduction Plan, published in May 2022. Included in the plan, is an overview of the legislation, strategies and plans that 21 government agencies have written to influence reducing our emissions as a nation. Every geography, organisation and individual is on their own journey to understand what this means for them.

Practitioners involved in the planning and design of stormwater infrastructure have an opportunity to lead by example in developing and delivering on Government and organisational carbon commitments, towards zero carbon, particularly through nature-based or water sensitive design solutions. Our best chance of achieving this, in the timeframes our planet requires, is as an industry working together, sharing knowledge, and breaking down organisational and jurisdictional silos.

This workshop will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and give you the opportunity to work in small groups with other stormwater practitioners to apply best practice, and discuss and develop ideas for lower carbon solutions to our stormwater challenges. Out of this workshop you will leave with tangible, lower carbon ideas for common stormwater problems, and the potential to apply a new way of thinking about your local infrastructure challenges.

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Stormwater Conference